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'Granmama' written for my 'Granny Queenie' (version from 2012)  

This is a recording I found in my hard drive today. My Granny Queenie from South Africa.

It must the first reference recording I made of this.
She passed and I wrote this one for her - the time stamp on this was the summer of 2012 the year she passed away.

Just discovering all this really great stuff from that year and other years as well.

She valued family so much, and I learned so much about where I came from, from her stories and her brilliant mind.
We never called her 'Grammama' it was always 'Granny…

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Bioluminescent Sounds - Ableton Live Production  

For years I have been producing music and performing under the name GUITARI using new ways to incorporate the guitar into electronic music production.

I had the honor to tour Iceland, Sweden, Germany and Copenhagen last winter with my dear friend Ilen Halogram. While on that trip we did a collaborative effort with an incredible crew of Video Mapping Genius's called Xenorama. Check them out they are incredible. This is a stereo bounce of a performance I did with a live set I built for the collaboration.

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Ari Joshua - New Music - Share Portal   

Hello friends - Let the Blog Begin:

Finally getting around to putting some bells and whistles on this new website.
We will be posting music we plan to have or have not yet released exclusively on this ARIJOSHUA.COM
new BLOG page. There are 1000's of hours of tapes, mini discs, wav/aiff/mp3 files, multi track recordings, and stereo
bootleg style recordings to sort through. The material has building up to create a small island, and it is time to lift the cork on the bottle and let out he bubbly goodness.


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