From the recording Kambo Wambo (full version)

Ari Joshua shares this Afrobeat groove inspired by sacred plant medicine

Guitarist Ari Joshua, Drummer Russ Lawton, and Keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, deliver this strong melodic, polyrhythmic guitar anthem in the Afrobeat style, drawing upon the rich tapestry of West African groove music. On the August 18 release date, step into the kaleidoscopic world of Kambo Wambo, a transcendent journey through psychedelic textures from the classic organ trio formation: RAaR Trio.

The song opens, ethereal guitar notes drifting in the air, as Ari Joshua weaves mesmerizing threads with the saturated warmth of his guitar. Every note deepens a sense of melodic enchantment as Joshua’s gracefully evokes the Afrobeat guitar sensations he first heard as a youth in his birthplace of South Africa.

Russ Lawton masterfully lays down the song’s vibrant heartbeat on the drums, the textures alive, the polyrhythms hypnotic. In perfect harmony, 'The Milkman' Ray Paczkowski joins the sonic ceremony, his fingers cascading across the keys, blanketing the underlying groove with his lush, percussive approach. As the song settles into a sweet spot, the essence of Afrobeat emerges, inviting listeners to the enveloping embrace of an otherworldly experience.

Kambo Wambo is a reflection on psychedelic plant medicine, where the boundaries of perception give way to the sounds of cosmic symphony. In this musical odyssey, the Afrobeat style becomes a vessel for such a journey, reaching melodically towards the sky, rooted in essences of ancient rhythms.

Ari Joshua - Guitar
Russ Lawton - Drums
Ray Paczkowski - Keys

Ben Collette - Tracking Engineer, Mixing
Tank Recording - Burlington, Vermont
Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian - Mastering

Aaron Harmonson- Additional Production
Martin Ontiveros - FrogArtwork
Monte Mitchell - Layout