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Flask by Ari Joshua
  • Flask by Ari Joshua
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Flask music Ari Joshua, lyrics Bob Lovelace, John Ewing & Ari Joshua dropping 12.25.23 ! #arijoshua

SPace Owl Unveils Epic Genre-Bending Opus "FLASK" December 25th, 2023 - Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey as SPace Owl unveils their latest creation, “FLASK” , an epic through-composed rock n' roll masterpiece that channels the spirits of Phish, Frank Zappa, and a constellation of other pioneering artists. This genre-bending behemoth transcends boundaries, transporting the listener across a spectrum of emotions and sonic landscapes.

“FLASK” is a musical journey of enchanting melodies guiding the listener through passages of shifting time signatures and key changes, mirroring space and time. As the piece progresses, Space Owl masterfully weaves in influences from prog rock, jazz fusion, and even classical music, creating a tapestry of sound that is both familiar and startlingly innovative. Driven by the virtuosic guitar work of Ari Joshua and the tight-knit rhythmic interplay of John Ewing (drums), Bob Lovelace (bass), and David Appelbaum (keyboards), “FLASK” is a testament to the band's collective musical prowess. Each member brings their unique talents to the table, contributing to the creation of a sonic landscape that is both intricately detailed and breathtakingly expansive.

Space Owl is no stranger to pushing boundaries. With over a decade of experience, they have earned a loyal following for their unique blend of psychedelic rock and genre-bending explorations. Their recent vault exploration unearthed a treasure trove of previously unreleased material, including the captivating “Thunder and Lightning” , a Bob Lovelace composition that evokes the spirit of the Grateful Dead's legendary live shows. Additionally, “Home” , “I Will Come To You” , and “Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart” showcase the band's versatility, ranging from pop-rock sensibilities to poignant ballads. Composer Ari Joshua, is a visionary. He honed his skills at The New School in NYC and collaborated with various artists, including Big High, AriSawkaDoria, and countless others.

“FLASK” is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Prepare to be transported to a world of sonic wonder as Space Owl continues their exploration of the boundless possibilities of rock n' roll.

Credits: Ari Joshua - Guitar, Vocals John Ewing - Drums, Vocals Bob Lovelace - Bass, Vocals David Appelbaum - Keys Produced by Music Factory Records & Space Owl Composed by - Ari Joshua Engineered by Johnathan Plum, London Bridge Studios Mixed by Mel Detmer, Studio Soli Mastered by Ed Brooks, RFI Mastering Overdub Engineer - Ari Joshua & John Ewing, The Music Factory Artwork by Rachael Holley Layout by Rachael Holley Space Owl - FLASK [Digital Track]

Lyrics :

Please don't touch I’ve Only had 2 Beers and 3 Cigarettes Guess I'll call it a night moonlight Check on to see what I have Left

Whistling past the graveyard Saturday's My Lust for Life, Dust Upon my Pride Take another sip loosen up grip I Drop the Flask as I Stumble

The sacred path is beyond any math, so you might as well give up your plans, cut the corn plow, the field look for the ghosts, in sand.

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Kambo Wambo
  • Kambo Wambo
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Ari Joshua shares this Afrobeat groove inspired by sacred plant medicine

Guitarist Ari Joshua, Drummer Russ Lawton, and Keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, deliver this strong melodic, polyrhythmic guitar anthem in the Afrobeat style, drawing upon the rich tapestry of West African groove music. On the August 18 release date, step into the kaleidoscopic world of Kambo Wambo, a transcendent journey through psychedelic textures from the classic organ trio formation: RAaR Trio.

The song opens, ethereal guitar notes drifting in the air, as Ari Joshua weaves mesmerizing threads with the saturated warmth of his guitar. Every note deepens a sense of melodic enchantment as Joshua’s gracefully evokes the Afrobeat guitar sensations he first heard as a youth in his birthplace of South Africa.

Russ Lawton masterfully lays down the song’s vibrant heartbeat on the drums, the textures alive, the polyrhythms hypnotic. In perfect harmony, 'The Milkman' Ray Paczkowski joins the sonic ceremony, his fingers cascading across the keys, blanketing the underlying groove with his lush, percussive approach. As the song settles into a sweet spot, the essence of Afrobeat emerges, inviting listeners to the enveloping embrace of an otherworldly experience.

Kambo Wambo is a reflection on psychedelic plant medicine, where the boundaries of perception give way to the sounds of cosmic symphony. In this musical odyssey, the Afrobeat style becomes a vessel for such a journey, reaching melodically towards the sky, rooted in essences of ancient rhythms.

Personnel: Ari Joshua - Guitar Russ Lawton - Drums Ray Paczkowski - Keys

Ben Collette - Tracking Engineer, Mixing Tank Recording - Burlington, Vermont Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian - Mastering

Aaron Harmonson- Additional Production Martin Ontiveros - FrogArtwork Monte Mitchell - Layout

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Rare Groove
  • Rare Groove
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Music Factory Records Announces New Single "Rare Groove" March 15th featuring Ari Joshua, Skerik, Delvon Lamarr, & Grant Schroff

Music Factory Records is excited to announce the release of "Rare Groove," the newest single from an all-star cast of musicians. The single features composer Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ, Skerik on sax, and Grant Schroff on drums. The timeless quartet form a tight-knit ensemble with the ease and comfort of a familiar local crew. As with the previous batch of releases, the whole band plays as one unit. Lamarr’s warm organ sound and the light crunch of Joshua’s guitar sit above the rhythm section locked in the pocket. Skerik’s stellar saxophone phrasing paints vivid pictures all around the groove. For this recording, the sources of the fat tone are at once in the instruments, the hands of the players, and a rare form of recording process. Only high-quality ‘vintage only’ audio equipment was used both by Studio Soli for tracking & by Blue Mallard Studios for all the mixing. Mastering was done by Doug Kreb’s Mastering Company and the artwork created by Deep Groove Designs. The bass line, guitar riffs, and sax lines come together to create a sonic masterpiece that moves listeners to the groove — from start to finish. With over a quarter of a million spins thanks to editorial recommendations from Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming sites, the first tracks from this album have been well-received. ‘Soulmine’, ‘Fresh’, ‘Spooky’, & ‘Say Whatcha Wanna Say’ from the last batch of releases were featured on a handful of radio stations, magazines, & podcasts. Ari Joshua is on a mission to release 24 songs in 2024. Building on the success of last month's releases “Country Stroll”, and “Elephant Walk” featuring the iconic John Medeski and Billy Martin, “Rare Groove” continues the organ funk and groove theme in Joshua’s recent releases. Credits: Ari Joshua - Guitar Skerik - Saxophone Delvon Lamarr - Keyboards Grant Schroff - Drums Tracking Engineer - Mell Dettmer, Studio Soli Overdub Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs, Doug Krebs Mastering

UPC: 196429500341 CATALOG: MFCTRY-112-DS Genre: Dub/R&B/Soul-Jazz

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Let's Do It Right Now - One Page
  • Let's Do It Right Now - One Page
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Song of the Day: Ari Joshua, “Let’s Do It Right Now” by MATT MICUCCI, JAZZIZ MAGAZINE

Ari Joshua continues to showcase his endless creativity on his latest soul jazz composition and heartfelt tribute to Elvin Jones, “Let’s Do It Right Now.”

Ari Joshua personifies the essence of musical versatility, having effortlessly navigated the realms of jazz, rock, experimental and improvisational genres throughout his acclaimed career. With an unending wellspring of creativity, Joshua carries a distinct artistic vision, radiating an enlightened aura and showcasing captivating mastery over the guitar, his primary instrument of choice.

In his latest musical offering, Joshua presents a spellbinding slice of soul jazz titled “Let’s Do It Right Now.” The track, which you can hear via the player below, exemplifies a remarkable synergy with a quartet of high-octane collaborators, coming alive through the rhythmic artistry of Billy Martin, the virtuosity of John Medeski on the keyboard, and Jason Fraticelli’s profound expertise on the upright bass. Together, they craft a rich tapestry of sounds that confidently straddles the delicate balance between tradition, evoking the nostalgic aura of the 1960s, and innovation.

Interestingly, Joshua composed “Let’s Do It Right Now” as a heartfelt homage to the much-missed, legendary Elvin Jones. Reflecting on a memorable encounter, the guitarist/composer shares: “I had the privilege of meeting Elvin Jones at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest in the mid-90s. As I asked for a photograph with my disposable camera, he eagerly exclaimed, ‘Ahhhhhh… Let’s Do It Right Now!’ Elvin possessed a remarkable ability to be fully present in the moment.”

Listen to Ari Joshua’s “Let’s Do It Right Now,” our Song of the Day, via the player below.

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Fresh - Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Grant Schroff
  • Fresh - Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Grant Schroff
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Fresh - as performed by Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Grant Schroff on the 2/24/2023 release on Color Red Records

Ari Joshua - Fresh | CRED-553-DS

Ari Joshua - Fresh | Digital Single Fanlink - Social Assets - Artist Page - Track Page - DISCO - Art Track Video - SyncButton Release Date: 2023-02-24

Musical Style: Soul, Funk, Jamband

Music Influences: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Phish, Medeski Martin and Wood, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, The New Mastersounds, James Brown, Dr Lonnie Smith, Soulive, Skerik

Music Inspiration: Studying and playing with the masters in NYC, listening to old records and learning the music by ear. Huge fan of the Organ Trio. The session got booked with Skerik, and Delvon Lamarr, and at the time Delvon was touring heavily. We have about a weeks notice, and I wrote the album. Inspiration was in the air I guess.

Artist Statement: This was one of those effortless sessions. The players are all fantastic and it was a good olde time. Mel the engineer, her husband, Mamadu, cooked us some amazing food, and we knocked it out in about two days. The hardest part was getting Delvon's Organ down the muddy hill in the rain. Them things are heavy!

Track Description: TBD

Produced by Ari Joshua

Credits: Ari Joshua - Guitar Skerik - Saxophone Delvon Lamarr - Keyboards Grant Schroff - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Mell Dettmer Studio Soli

Overdub Engineer - Jason Gray Blue Mallard Recording

Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray Blue Mallard Recording

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs Doug Krebs Mastering

UPC: 196429191594 ISWC: T3100694262 Territory: Worldwide Genre: R&B/Soul-Jazz

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Spooky - Ari Joshua PDF
  • Spooky - Ari Joshua PDF
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From Thoughts, Words, Action

Ari Joshua – Spooky

We have some more excellent music for your listening pleasure. Spooky is the latest single by Ari Joshua, a Seattle-based musician known for being a founding member of Big High, Acidophilus Culture, The Fort Project, ((Echo)), Cadillac Arrest, Slow Bunny, Space Owl, & RAaR. For this particular composition, he assembled a band consisting of internationally acclaimed artists such as Delvon Lamarr (Hammond organ), Skerik (sax), Grant Schroff (drums), and Tor Dietrichson (percussion).

Soundwise, Spooky embraces so many music genres that’s nearly impossible to grasp them all in just one listening. Perhaps psychedelic jazz comes to mind first because this number carries all the fundamentals of that particular style, but you’ll stumble upon many other complementary music genres along the way. Every segment shines with some of the finest properties borrowed from the seventies psychedelic rock, eighties art-rock, reggae, dub, cinematic, and ambient music. Of course, Ari Joshua thoroughly planned everything while assembling every segment of this track, so these additional elements serve as accentuations, decorations, enhancements, and other more than necessary details that undoubtedly uplift Spooky on an entirely new level.

Ari Joshua Every involved musician plays a significant role in shaping Spooky, but you’ll immediately notice that Ari Joshua‘s outstanding guitar performance is a centerpiece of this composition. His profoundly detailed themes, leads, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and other virtuosities serve as a principle that shapes all these calm, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic soundscapes. The rhythm section keeps this composition even more exciting by supplying equally detailed basslines and moderate rhythmic sequences based upon flawlessly accentuated downtempo beats, breaks, fills, accentuations, and other percussive acrobatics. The luxurious portion of studio reverb, echo, and delay provides an ideal dub/reggae atmosphere, while the lead theme performed on sax gives some seventies spy movie soundtrack vibes. Every instrument acts as a significant piece of this sonic equation that will undoubtedly appeal to even the pickiest listeners. Spooky will be your go-to number whenever you need some mesmerizing downtempo music, and Ari Joshua proved once again why he’s one of the best musicians on the psych-jazz scene. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.

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Elephant Walk
  • Elephant Walk
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Guitarist and composer Ari Joshua has unveiled his latest work: “Elephant Walk” features jazz icons John Medeski on organ and Billy Martin on drums.

Ari Joshua, John Medeski, and Billy Martin together channeling the heartening sounds of a classic piano trio with an original twist. Medeski’s piano glides gracefully, a free-flowing flourish of swampy embellishments, fat organ tones bubbling up from below. Instead of using a traditional drum kit, Billy Martin orchestrates several layers of percussion at once to create a blanket of polyrhythms, alive and ever-evolving, melodious cowbell lighting up with the flavors of New Orleans funk. As the opening melody meanders, Joshua’s guitar emerges with a deep, resonant bellow, twisting and lowing like an elephant raising its own trunk. Medeski launches into inspired improvisation — a percussion solo from Martin, spacious and sweeping, brings “Elephant Walk '' full circle.

Top-notch audio work by everyone involved — engineering by Chris Bitnner at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY, mastering by Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering and mixing by Ari Raskin of Deepwater Studios in New York City — all helped to bring the release of “Elephant Walk” to life. For the artwork, Paul Delaney points to the poetic narrative taking place within the music. “In my mind, ’Elephant Walk' is a carefree and whimsical melody, a musical tale of a young elephant embarking on a quest for truth and freedom, exploring the vast landscapes that surround it,” says Joshua. “After millennia of proud strides within its herds, this majestic creature embarks on a soul-searching journey, meeting various animals and symbolic characters along the way.” "Just as an elephant makes its presence known with each step, 'Elephant Walk' left a lasting imprint on my when I heard the final mix. Music is uses collaborative imagination to create something enduring & similarly majestic as nature itself." ​​ “Elephant Walk" is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Ari Joshua is an award-winning guitarist, composer, and producer with a passion for creating music that transcends genre boundaries. He has released nine albums to date, each showcasing his breadth of blues, jazz, and Americana influences.
Ari Joshua - Guitar (Electric) • John Medeski - Electric Organ • Billy Martin - Drums

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Soulmine - Ari Joshua PDF
  • Soulmine - Ari Joshua PDF
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From Grateful Web


Color Red Records Shares New Single "SoulMine" featuring Ari Joshua, Skerik, Delvon Lamarr, & Grant Schroff & More Music Coming!

Color Red Records is thrilled to announce the release of Ari Joshua's latest single "Soulmine" featuring an all-star cast of musicians. The single showcases the exceptional talents of composer Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ, Skerik on sax, Grant Schroff on drums, and Tor Dietrichson on Congas.

Already a hit with Funk, Jazz, and Jam music fans, "Soulmine" has received critical acclaim since its release last week. It earned a coveted spot on Spotify's ‘official editors’ funk playlist and caught the attention of curators and radio stations. "Soulmine" was also featured on Michael B's popular podcast, "40 Minutes of Funk," which has just broken into the top 100 podcasts list this week. Guests this week also include internationally acclaimed keyboardist Robert Walter.

This is the second of three tracks from the quartet, building on the success of last month's "Fresh." Percussionist Tor Dietrichson adds a Ray-Barretto-like glue to the organ groove, creating a nostalgic 1970s vibe. The bassline, guitar riffs, and sax lines come together in perfect harmony, creating a sonic masterpiece that kept us moving and grooving from start to finish.

With the success of "Soulmine," Color Red Records is excited to release the next single from this talented lineup. "Spooky" is set to drop on April 28th, promising even more funky and soulful music.

In addition, fans can look forward to even more music from Ari Joshua. "Lights Out" featuring Ari Joshua on guitar (Big High, AriSawkaDoria), Eden Ladin on keys (Gilad Hekselman, Avishai Cohen), John Kimock on drums (Mike Gordon Band, Otiel Burbridge & Friends), and Andy Hess on bass (Gov’t Mule, Black Crowes) will be released on April 14th. The Music Factory Label is also gearing up to release two more tracks from Ari's vault, "Kambo Wambo," an Afrobeat groove featuring Ray and Russ from Soule Monde, and "Let's Do It Right Now," a jazz-oriented track featuring Medeski, Martin, and Fraticelli.

Stay tuned for more from Color Red Records and Ari Joshua via his label, this music is continuing to inject new life to Funk, Jazz, and Jam music scenes.

Credits: Ari Joshua - Guitar Skerik - Saxophone Delvon Lamarr - Keyboards Grant Schroff - Drums Tor Dietrichson - Percussion

Tracking Engineer - Mell Dettmer, Studio Soli Overdub Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs, Doug Krebs Mastering

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And Now It Comes (Nun Kommt es Werder)
  • And Now It Comes (Nun Kommt es Werder)
  • And Now It Comes (Nun Kommt es Werder)
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From "The Musical Road"

'And Now It Comes' by The Ari Joshua Quartet is a soul-stirring, delicate, and gorgeous ballad that invites listeners on an emotional odyssey. The quartet, fronted by guitarist Ari Joshua, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of music that envelops the audience in a world of nuanced soundscapes and intricate melodies.

Ari Joshua's guitar work is the centerpiece of the composition, displaying a mastery of phrasing, rhythmic subtleties, and dynamic finesse. His approach to the guitar is characterized by delicate beauty, with each note and phrase meticulously chosen to create a harmonious journey for the listener. The song's title, ‘And Now It Comes’, hints at the impending musical experience that unfolds beyond linguistic barriers, much like the phrase 'Nun Kommt es Werder'.

The quartet's performance is marked by a profound sense of musicality, with each member contributing to the overall texture and emotional depth of the piece. The song's evocative melodies and intricate arrangements guide the listener through a range of emotions, evoking feelings of reflection, introspection, and contemplation.

The captivating nature of 'And Now It Comes' lies in its ability to connect with the listener on a deep level, transcending language and cultural boundaries. The delicate interplay between the instruments, Ari Joshua's guitar at the forefront, creates an immersive and ethereal sonic experience that lingers long after the last note has been played.

The title, the composition, and the quartet's execution come together to create a musical journey that resonates with anyone who encounters it. ‘And Now It Comes’ by The Ari Joshua Quartet showcases the power of music to communicate emotions and stories beyond words, leaving an indelible impression on the listener's heart and soul.

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Mountain Song - Coming Soon
  • Mountain Song - Coming Soon
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“Mountain Song” by Space Owl

Credits: Ari Joshua - Guitar, Vocals John Ewing - Drums, Vocals Bob Lovelace - Bass, Vocals David Appelbaum - Keys

Engineered by Johnathan Plum, London Bridge Studios Mixed by Mel Detmer, Studio Soli Mastered by Ed Brooks, RFI Mastering Artwork by Yusuf Ozer aka Hexendesign13 Layout by Ari Joshua

Space Owl - Mountain Song [Digital Track] | MFCTRY-102-DS Release Date: 2023-20-26

Space Owl cracks open the vault to share ‘Mountain Song’ on all platforms.

USA, June 20th, 2023 - Space Owl, delights fans with their latest ultra psychedelic single, "Mountain Song." This mesmerizing track was composed after a journey shared between friends to the pinnacle of a treacherous mountain peak, overlooking a valley adorned with glistening lakes, rocks, evergreen trees, and giant boulders. The music begins as the full moon traverses the starlit sky, a psychedelic sunrise greets the new day, enchanting sounds lead us through passages of shifting time signatures and key changes, mirroring the creation of majestic mountain ranges. "Mountain Song" captures the essence of timeless moments and lifelong connections formed during this awe-inspiring expedition. Bassist Bob Lovelace, Drummer John Ewing, and Keyboardist David Appelbaum all add intense layers of sonic textures throughout.

With over a decade of creating original psychedelic rock, Space Owl has garnered acclaim for their unique sound. As part of an exploration into their vault, the quartet recently unveiled 4 other tracks, the enchanting "Thunder and Lightning," a song written by Bob Lovelace during his time following The Grateful Dead in the 1990s. The lyrics, "Sit back, kick your legs up and relax, let me steer the magic carpet and enjoy your smile," embody the song's captivating essence. Prior to this release, Space Owl presented "Home," a masterful composition that flawlessly intertwines elements of rock, classical, and Irish influences. Additionally, "I Will Come To You" showcases the band's pop-rock sensibilities and dynamic key centers, while "Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart" serves as a poignant sequel to their newest single, "Mountain Song."

Guitarist Ari Joshua, born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in America, brings his exceptional talent and musical vision to Space Owl's captivating sound. Having attended The New School in NYC, Ari has honed his skills and shared his musical prowess with various projects, including Big High, AriSawkaDoria, and numerous collaborations as a sideman. In addition, Ari is the visionary behind The Music Factory, a music school celebrating its 15th year, which has employed close to 100 individuals and provided over 100,000 music lessons.

"Mountain Song" is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Stay tuned for more captivating releases from Space Owl and their continued exploration of the psychedelic rock genre.

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The $1000 Question
  • The $1000 Question
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From Jazz Weekly

Ari Joshua: The $1000 Question by George W. Harris • March 27, 2023 • 0 Comments

The latest single by guitarist Ari Joshua teams him up with drummer Russ Lawton and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski. The tune “The $1000 Question” has an analogue feel to it, featuring a funky swamp guitar riff, a down and dirty back beat and greasy Hammond Keyboard that hums through the Leslie speakers. There’s a casual jam feel to it, unrushed and unpretentious. The song doesn’t overstay its welcome, although it does beg to be taken out for a walk to stretch its legs. Belly up to the bar.

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The Prodigy - Milly and Fee Part II
  • The Prodigy - Milly and Fee Part II
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The Prodigy is a tribute to Trey Ansastasio, Phish, from the 1980's. It's also a little video game like. The music came to me in a single sitting. I use it as a warm up.

The Prodigy will be released on Jan 9th on all platforms under Music Factory Records

From Instragram Post :

Thrilled to announce, 9 new songs are mixed and mastered and ready to share. Color Red will announce release dates for 3 songs soon, and we will name date this week for the public these song will release weekly starting on my Birthday September 17th. The music will keep flowing as funds for art, mixing, and mastering are available and inspiration is on track. There are over 300 songs composed and recorded also coming. For you, you can access the songs and offer what will be received as financial and emotional and metaphysical good karma support by subscribing and signing up at (best value, and best way to be)


Featuring Billy Martin of MMW - From the Void - Garden

Featuring Ray and Russ of Trey Anastasio Band / Soule Monde - Peruvian Love Song -Walz of 1000 Stars - Burlington Coat Factory

Space Owl - I Will Come To You (from the Vault)

Featuring Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, & Grant Schroff - Fresh (color red) - Soule Mine - Spooky

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Emergency Exit - Ari Joshua Quartet

Ari Joshua Quartet

Emergency Exit from Ari Joshua Quartet at Litho Studios Featuring Ari Joshua, Joel Bean, Will Lone, Jonti Siman Emergency Exit was composed by Joel Bean

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