Star Light Mountain - Press & Write Ups

We used to be so happy to get these review we would post a page for each one, but with the tour coming up the best we got is a list for you and some nice quotes from each article…

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Skidoo is out today!

Space Owl - Skidoo 

Music Factory Records is proud to present “Skidoo” by Space Owl, featuring Ari Joshua, Bob Lovelace, John Ewing and David Appelbaum.

"Skidoo" by Space Owl is the laters composition from  Ari Joshua to be released as…

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Podcast interviews 2023-2024

Some one asked recently for some interviews to listen to, no problem here are our top 4 podcasts from Ari Joshua  this year. 

No SImple Road
All That Jam
My Favorite Sounds Visual


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Rare Groove Reviews and Write Ups

Tunes Around review of Elephant Walk

Jan 29

"Elephant Walk": Ari Joshua's Genre-Bending Masterpiece
Award-winning guitarist, composer, and producer Ari Joshua has once again pushed the boundaries of music with his latest release "Elephant Walk." This fascinating composition showcases Joshua's diverse influences spanning jazz, blues and…

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Hail Tunes; A Collaborative Masterpiece Beyond Musical Boundaries

Guitari Unveils Sonic Odyssey with ‘Elon’s Musk’ 
A Collaborative Masterpiece Beyond Musical Boundaries

FEB 22, 2024

Embark on an extraordinary auditory voyage with Guitari (Ari Joshua) as he unveils his latest original single, “Elon’s Musk,” featuring the symphonic sounds…

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EKM Magazine - Elon's Mussk

Guitari teams up w/ Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates on “Elon’s Musk”   Ari Joshua, under his alias Guitari, just teamed up with Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates on the deep and enigmatic new track Elon's Musk

South African-born and currently…

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Illustrate Magazine Review of Elon's Musk

Review By: Naomi Joan
February 15, 2024

“Elon’s Musk” by Ari Joshua, featuring iLL Gates, takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through a landscape that defies conventional genre boundaries. The collaboration between Ari Joshua…

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TJPL Magazine - Elon's Musk

"Elon's Musk" - A Sonic Odyssey by Guitari Featuring iLL Gates
by Tamara Jenna

Through the Cosmic-Infused Cultural Bliss of 'Elon's Musk' – A Masterful Fusion of Chillwave, Synthwave, and Classical Influences

"Elon's Musk'' by Ari Joshua featuring iLL Gates…

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USA TODAY MUSIC - Elon's Music

Music News from Discover Media Digital
“In ‘Elon’s Musk,’ iLL Gates and Ari Joshua elevate collaboration to a new musical realm

In the vast sonic landscape of Ari Joshua’s artistic realm, a new masterpiece emerges, titled “Elon’s Musk,” featuring the…

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Mix Taped Magazine - Elon's Musk

A symphonic triumph, ‘Elon’s Musk’ is the collaborative genius of Ari Joshua and iLL Gates

By mixtaped

In the vast sonic landscape of Ari Joshua’s artistic realm, a new masterpiece emerges, titled “Elon’s Musk,” featuring the collaborative genius of iLL…

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El News write up on Dragons Layer

Adventurous Soundscapes: Ari Joshua's "Dragons Layer"

Ari Joshua's latest release, "Dragons Layer," is a breathtaking journey through sonic landscapes that captivate the imagination. This instrumental masterpiece, clocking in at almost five minutes, showcases Ari's prowess as a guitarist and composer…

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Interview with Indifferential Magazine

Indifferential Magazine - Meet ARI JOSHUA
Feb 01, 2024

Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

Right now you can find me at, there you can download sheet music for my music, sign…

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Indie Oclock review of Elephant Walk By: Victor Matheus

Página inicial Notícia Ari Joshua é genial em novo lançamento delicioso de ouvir "Elephant Walk"
indie oclock Fevereiro 01, 2024
Por: Victor Matheus

Ari Joshua lança o novo…

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