Thoughts Words Action review of ‘Spooky’ May 18th 2023 

Thoughts Words Action review of ‘Spooky’ May 18th 2023

We have some more excellent music for your listening pleasure. Spooky is the latest single by Ari Joshua, a Seattle-based musician known for being a founding member of Big High, Acidophilus Culture, The Fort Project, ((Echo)), Cadillac Arrest, Slow Bunny, Space Owl, & RAaR. For this particular composition, he assembled a band consisting of internationally acclaimed artists such as Delvon Lamarr

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Rocker Magazine review of 'Spooky' by Ari Joshua


Spooky by Ari Joshua



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Ari Joshua just released a new single with an all-star cast of musicians and it is different, fresh and most probably something….spooky.

The track is titled “Spooky” and it’s….well, it’s not ‘scare you’ spooky, but it’s the relaxed and chilled kind of spooky…does that make sense? No? Ok, well, that’s why I want to mention that this track is unlike most of the music you’ve probably…

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Top Music News - Meeting of the Minds write up!

Top Music News - Experimental and Acoustic Music 
May 3, 2023

1) ARI JOSHUA – Meeting Of The Minds

The influential multi-genre guitarist and composer Ari Joshua is proud to announce the release of his latest album, “Meeting of The Minds,” which was released by Music Factory Records on February 9th, 2023.

In order to create this stellar new collection, Ari Joshua joins forces with Billy Martin on drums, John…

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TJPL News - Ari Joshua is Overflowing with Musical Glee

MAY 2ND, 2023

'Soulmine' - A Funky, Soulful Jam Band Collaboration from Ari Joshua - Overflowing with Musical Glee

Soulmine’ is a funky jam band track that digs into soul and comes up rich as all heck. Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik and Grant Schroff have all poured so much brilliance into this single. There is a moment for everyone, and boy do they take it.


Modern Jazz and the ancient story of Exodus this Sunday April 9th

April 9, 2023 @ 7:00 pm     COST: $15

Doors: 6pm

Tickets: $15 advance, $20 doors, $10 SJCC Community Admission

Advance tickets can only be purchased online-we do not sell advance tickets at the venue. Refunds are not available within 48 hours of the event. Tickets do not guarantee seating during shows at the Royal Room. We are now accepting reservations for diners! Please email for a

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Sunday at the Royal Room--Ari Joshua & Chava Mirel: The Ancient Story of Exodus & The Art of Modern Jazz 

KNKX - Community Calendar

Passover at the Royal Room--Ari Joshua & Chava Mirel: The Ancient Story of Exodus & The Art of Modern Jazz

Experience a musical tribute to the ancient tradition of the Passover Seder like never before. Join us at The Royal Room for an interactive night of music, storytelling, and celebration.

Guitarist, composer, and founder of The Music Factory, Ari Joshua, and Artist-In-Residence at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Chava Mirel, will bring the…

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Thoughts on recording Soulmine 

This new release Soulmine is out tomorrow.  Here is a poem for it. 

I remember the first time I heard all these players. Each one of them I knew I’d have a great time working with. It was at least 10 years after that this recording session happened. In its first 3 days it’s been placed on 23 playlists, received about 15k spins, and earned about 4 write ups! I keep a journal where I write alot. Mostly scribbled 3 sentence concepts but I put this poem in there. 

For what it’s worth I’d love to play more with…

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Jazz Weekly Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde , REVIEWS Ari Joshua: The $1000 Question 

Jazz Weekly Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde

Ari Joshua: The $1000 Question

by George W. Harris •   The latest single by guitarist Ari Joshua teams him up with drummer Russ Lawton and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski. The tune “The $1000 Question” has an analogue feel to it, featuring a funky swamp guitar riff, a down and dirty back beat and greasy Hammond Keyboard that hums through the Leslie speakers. There’s a casual jam feel to it, unrushed and unpretentious. The song… Read more



NEWS Michael Lello 0 9:36 am March 12, 2023   Highway81Revisited · The $1000 Question

Guitarist and composer Ari Joshua is debuting another song from his lockdown sessions with some of the top players in the jam band and jazz-rock world with today’s premiere of “The $1,000 Question” featuring Trey Anastasio Band members Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski on Joshua’s Music Factory label.

Operating under the name RAar, the…

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The One Thousand Dollar Question - Sit up and take notice Review on Grateful Web 


Featuring members of The Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde, Big High, & Space Owl -- Ari Joshua, Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowski   Another exciting musical project is emerging from an unlikely source - an old bicycle warehouse in the heart of Burlington, Vermont. The Tank, affectionately known to some as "the Phish Tank", hosted this session just after 'The Beacon Jams' sessions at the tail end of our national health crisis. The project… Read more

Ari Joshua unites top Seattle players on new soul jazz singles By Abe Beeson KNKX article 

Ari Joshua unites top Seattle players on new soul jazz singles

By Abe Beeson Published March 3, 2023 at 6:00 AM PST Ari Joshua / Color Red Records  The groovy new single from an allstar Seattle quartet.

Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to release recordings from his vault of recent projects and new efforts. Most recent is the single "Fresh," bringing Joshua and three friends from the Seattle area together for a soulful groove and the promise of more to come.

Color Red Music has announced two more…

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Earshot Jazz - For the RECORD

The Music Factory Label, February 2023


Best known as the founder of Madison Park’s Music Factory music school, guitarist Ari Joshua also operates a label of the same name, steadily releasing choice cuts and album-length statements from his stockpile of genre-spanning studio collaborations with a murderer’s row of musical talent. The watchword is versatility. On his 2021 single, “Say Whatcha Wanna Say,” Joshua conjures Grant…

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Jazz in the 2nd Century - Earshot Jazz Quote 

Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua is a jazz, rock, experimental, and improv musician known for his bell-like tone, lush and impressionistic chord voicings, and fiery improvisations with psychedelic-like sprawl. The South-African born, Seattle-raised guitarist for this series offers these reflections: “It’s said over and over that it is a true artist’s purpose to discover their own voice. To do so often takes risks, and requires courage, patience, and an ability to look fear head on. Being at the crest of that wave can…

Meeting of the Minds - Interview with Candace Dollar  


Ari Joshua

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and owner and founder of the successful music school, The Music Factory, Ari Joshua announces the release of his latest track, "Meeting of The Minds," featuring Billy Martin on drums, John Medeski on keyboards, Ari Joshua on guitar, and Jason Fraticelli of Cyro Baptista and Matisyahu on bass.

“Meeting of the Minds” is just a small window into the unique body of work recorded in this…

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Jazz Weekly review of Meeting of the Minds 

Jazz Weekly 


Ari Joshua: Meeting of the Minds

by George W. Harris •  • 0 Comments   Guitarist Ari Joshua teams up with groovemeisters John Medeski/key, Billy Martin/dr and Jason Fraticelli for a soul/jazz version of punk rock, with each tune a catchy 1-2 minutes of power before moving on to the next piece. There are 27, count ‘em, 27 songs in all, and they come and go like windows on a train. There are four versions of the title piece, with a mix of tapes and militaristic drums working… Read more

Now on Bandcamp - Meeting of the Minds - John Medeski, Billy Martin, Ari Joshua, Jason Fraticelli 

Meeting of the Minds is on Bandcamp Click Here 


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Meeting of The Minds

by Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, & Jason Fraticelli

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Digital Album

Streaming + Download Pre-order of Meeting of The Minds. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3… Read more

Fresh on Color Red Records with Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, & Grant Schroff coming Feb 24th, 2023 


Happy to share with everyone our debut on color red records! 





Ari Joshua - Fresh | Digital Single
Fanlink - Social Assets - Artist Page - Track Page - DISCO - Art Track Video - SyncButton
Release Date: 2023-02-24

Musical Style: Soul, Funk, Jamband

Music Influences: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Phish, Medeski Martin and Wood, Grant Green, Kenny…

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Ari Joshua and Music Factory Records is now on BandCamp!  + New Release "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You" OUT NOW!  

Music Factory Records & Ari Joshua - now on BandCamp, Click to experience actually paying for music! 

The artwork speaks for itself. Just like "Meeting of The Minds" which is due out February 9th, 2023... "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You" is an improv track but it is more then that, both these tracks are the first time these bands have ever played together period. Captured on tape, mixed, and mastered for your listening pleasure. Noe you can experience the thrill of hearing the artists play together for…

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Jambase shares Ari Joshua's Top 10 new Releases for Winter 2023 {with links} 

For the Article on Click Here
Below is a text version visit the site for a image rich version, album art at bottom

There is poetry in bearing witness to the pursuit and realization of an artist’s dreams. Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to impress with a heady stream of impressive collaborations. 

This young lion’s run of acclaimed independent releases continues to bring together some of the jam, rock, and jazz scenes’ greatest contemporaries. Each release marks a critical note in his unique…

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"The Clinic" Out Today featuring Ray & Russ from Soule Monde and TAB 

Thanks to Grateful Web for sharing the new song, and writing up about it! 

Text Version of the Article 
‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray Paczkowski, & Russ Lawton of Soule Monde & The Trey Anastasio Band 

Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to impress with a steady stream of epic collaborations in 2022, and 2023. It’s gonna be another breakout year, we are digging this prolific young player, musically he is just overflowing. ‘‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray…

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"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today!  

"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today January 7th, 2023 

“The Prodigy” was written in Burlington, Vermont just a few weeks after “The Beacon Jams.” On many of these releases, as you parse his inflections and tones, Phisheads will note that they are at times reminiscent of big red himself. This is part of the shape-shifting tapestry that is revealed as you unpeel the layers of Ari Joshua’s musical influences. This song was written as a tribute, and an etude and Ray and Russ did a…

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Child hood poem  

Oh, how roots run deep like the ocean's floor, From Cape Town, a birth, where the warm souls pour. My dear grandparents, they played records, so fine, And sang  songs that lit up my soul, as divine.

I was just a child, yet the music spoke to me, In a land where Mandela's plight was still to be set free. The culture, oh the culture, so diverse and unique, With each turn came the sounds, oh so sweet to my ears to seek.

My family, they saw the injustice, the apartheid's wrongs, And so we journeyed to the east…

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Welcome new visitors! 2022 has been a great year and 2023 looks bright!  

All new releases are available here for purchase, and sheet music for most of the material is also available in the merch store. It's been a long journey to overcome obstacles and find a way to get this music out there, all your love and support means the world to me and the deep mission of making art! It is a really interesting time, it's a great time to support the arts, and hard working creators :) 

Ari Joshua - Highlighted Releases from 2022 with links

Robert Glasper, KJ Sawka, and Jason Fraticelli 

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