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Jan 29

"Elephant Walk": Ari Joshua's Genre-Bending Masterpiece
Award-winning guitarist, composer, and producer Ari Joshua has once again pushed the boundaries of music with his latest release "Elephant Walk." This fascinating composition showcases Joshua's diverse influences spanning jazz, blues and Americana. Collaborating with John Medeski on organ and Billy Martin on drums, Joshua has created a musical masterpiece that takes listeners on a very interesting journey, through the adventures of a young elephant.

The collaboration between Joshua, Medeski and Martin is a harmonious blend of talent and creativity. Medeski's piano sets a sonic landscape, while Martin adds a touch of New Orleans funk, by not using a traditional drum kit, but instead masterfully layering percussion to create the compelling sound. As the tone is set, Joshua's guitar emerges with its deep, resonant tones that resemble the majestic bellows of an elephant raising its trunk.

"Elephant Walk" has been masterfully engineered by Chris Bitnner at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY, mastered by Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering, and mixed by Ari Raskin of Deepwater Studios in New York City. The artwork for the single was done by Paul Delaney, who has perfectly encapsulated the poetic narrative of the song.

Joshua himself describes "Elephant Walk" as a carefree and whimsical melody that tells the tale of a young elephant on a quest for truth and freedom. The song takes listeners on a soul-searching journey, as the majestic creature explores vast landscapes and encounters various animals and symbolic characters along the way.

With "Elephant Walk" Ari Joshua, together with John Medeski and Billy Martin, has once again proved his prowess as a musician who fearlessly pushes the boundaries of genres, creating very unique and imaginative music. This latest release is a testament to his talent and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level, with just a touch of whimsy.

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