Illustrate Magazine Review of Elon's Musk

Review By: Naomi Joan
February 15, 2024

“Elon’s Musk” by Ari Joshua, featuring iLL Gates, takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through a landscape that defies conventional genre boundaries. The collaboration between Ari Joshua, iLL Gates, and additional talents like Cory Cavazos on cello creates a symphonic masterpiece that transcends traditional electronic music.

From the opening notes, “Elon’s Musk” envelops the listener in a rich tapestry of sound, with layers of ambient guitar and haunting cello weaving together seamlessly. iLL Gates’ expert drumming adds a dynamic energy to the track, driving the rhythm forward with precision and finesse.

What sets “Elon’s Musk” apart is its intricate composition, reminiscent of the complexity found in the works of electronic music pioneers like Tipper. With over 40 sound layers, including live instrumentation, the song invites listeners to delve deep into its multi-dimensional soundscape, uncovering new details with each listen.

Ari Joshua’s evolution as an artist is evident in “Elon’s Musk,” showcasing his ability to push the boundaries of his craft while maintaining a strong sense of musicality and emotion. The collaboration with iLL Gates further elevates the track, resulting in a truly collaborative effort that shines from start to finish.

The production quality of “Elon’s Musk” is top-notch, with expert mixing by Ari Joshua and iLL Gates, as well as masterful mastering by Justin Gray. The addition of an Atmos Mix by Alex Solano adds an extra layer of immersion, allowing listeners to experience the song in spatial audio.

“Elon’s Musk” is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in music. With its captivating blend of genres and meticulous attention to detail, it stands as a bold and adventurous piece of electronic music that is sure to captivate audiences around the world.

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