Gifted Balance Records interview with Ari Joshua

Getting Close With Ari Joshua
November 30, 2023

Good evening to all of you beautiful people out there and thank you for tuning in once again to your favorite music blog, The Study Lounge. We hope you all are feeling…

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Grammys 2024 For your consideration!

For your consideration this year at the Grammys


It is an honor to share that of the many song's released in 2023, about a dozen are up for Grammy consideration this year. Please take some time to listed on any…

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Karlismyunkle's Interview with Ari Joshua for the release of 'Dragons Layer'

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Ari Joshua takes us on a super psychedelic trip with immersive and cerebral new composition, Dragons Layer

Our obsession with Ari Joshua seems to grow with every listen, and certainly expanded following our in depth interview

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Indie Dock Review on Dragons Layer

Indie Dock Music Blog

      JAGAS - Viens chez Moi (video)            CRONAM - Decompression (album)            Fin Furey - Glory Days (single)            Nigel Brown - Here Comes The Truth (album)            Storm Boy - the Steam in the Room (video)            Tired Cossack…