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Hello friends - Let the Blog Begin:

Finally getting around to putting some bells and whistles on this new website.
We will be posting music we plan to have or have not yet released exclusively on this ARIJOSHUA.COM
new BLOG page. There are 1000's of hours of tapes, mini discs, wav/aiff/mp3 files, multi track recordings, and stereo
bootleg style recordings to sort through. The material has building up to create a small island, and it is time to lift the cork on the bottle and let out he bubbly goodness.

Kicking it off the flow of music is a recent recording session that took place a few months ago at Litho Studio's
this session featured Will Lone on Drums, Joel Bean on Piano, and two upright bassists; *Jonti Siman, and
*Geoff Harper!

The Track is Nun Kommit is Weider - which we called 'No Comment is Weirder' in the studio.
*as with many tracks in this Blog this is a Rough Mix (not a final release) in this case we are working on a official release :)


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