Bioluminescent Sounds - Ableton Live Production 

For years I have been producing music and performing under the name GUITARI using new ways to incorporate the guitar into electronic music production.

I had the honor to tour Iceland, Sweden, Germany and Copenhagen last winter with my dear friend Ilen Halogram. While on that trip we did a collaborative effort with an incredible crew of Video Mapping Genius's called Xenorama. Check them out they are incredible. This is a stereo bounce of a performance I did with a live set I built for the collaboration.

Check out these links to Xenorama, Potsdam's coolest guys!
Oneironaut Projections on Buildings
Various other interactive projects of Xenorama

I have to give it up for Forrest Rousch my buddy who really taught me so much! I have often used the GR55, GR20, or the VG99 (all made by ROLAND)
to translate the guitar signal to MIDI and access a wealth or sounds previously only available for Synth and Keyboard players. The tones and sounds are different with a guitar, you often get some glitches, and due to the dynamics or the strings you get some really unique responses.

While I usually write 'on the guitar' and then put the music into DAW, alot of really cool sounds have come from playing into the DAW directly and trying to
track layers - that is the case here.

Like alot of the material heading for this blog, this is not a 'final mix' but feel free to share it, as you wish, it is just a quick bounce of this track.

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