"The Clinic" Out Today featuring Ray & Russ from Soule Monde and TAB

Thanks to Grateful Web for sharing the new song, and writing up about it! 

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‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray Paczkowski, & Russ Lawton of Soule Monde & The Trey Anastasio Band 

Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to impress with a steady stream of epic collaborations in 2022, and 2023. It’s gonna be another breakout year, we are digging this prolific young player, musically he is just overflowing. ‘‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray Paczkowski, & Russ Lawton of Soule Monde & The Trey Anastasio Band is the latest new song, and it goes  live on Jan 17th. There has been a steady flow of new music from this collaboration, and the compositions range from tasty classic train beats, to vocal rock ballads, to bluegrass inspired 3 chord happy grooves, to dirty  organ trio jazz funk, to all out through composed epic journeys. 

Ari Joshua’s unique and recognizable guitar style is a fire match for Soule Monde and Trey Anastasio Band keyboardist and drummer Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton. In this song, Russ’s  therapeutically soulful beats pulse right out of the kit and into your heart, intertwining with Ray’s  incredible melodies and grooves. ‘The Clinic’ has the kind of familiarity that immediately provokes the mind, body and soul to groove, may as well just let go of genre labeling, this is psychedelic music. As to be expected we do hear  a little Soule Monde, and a little TAB in there, but this trio seems to consistently produce original sounding new music. The artwork by Rimbaraw and the song title reference the time the song was recorded, winter 2021. 

‘It should be no secret, I have had a lot of musical influences, but I have been listening to TAB and PHISH for years.  I have always sought out organ trio format, and have been blessed to work with alot of organ drum combos. I grew up on Jimmy Smith, and Kenny Burrell.  The pandemic definitely played a role. I was able to talk to Russ, and since Trey had set up the Beacon Jams, it fell into place, iit was a lemons to lemonade moment for sure. I have to say, Ray & Russ have a deep vibe. There are moments where I realize, I’ve never heard them play exactly like this before, it shows you how incredible they are as players. It also was apparent why Trey would keep them around for so long after a few days into this session. They are just all in when it comes to making art together, they could read my mind a little, they are really sweet people, I felt a little like what it was like when I was with my best buds from 7th grade doing music in a garage. Everyone has their own preference feeling like a kid in a garage has always been my happy place.’


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