Reset button, recalling inspiration

It’s great when you remember, all you had to do was the normal thing you do when you had to do something before to feel more aligned with your truth in regards to feeling better and being able to be creative and present and inspired to think clear and take care of healing and feeling better so you can be the best for the most amount of people, and you find the thing you had to do wasn’t a rational thought or explainable in any particular way, it wasn’t and generally isn’t tied to any action or contingent on any of the things you may have thought or been told it may be but rather just remains there waiting to enjoy the things that bring joy, and give space to the things that feels real. However good or bad, to be back, more less in the place of space not being concerned as to who has what luck or experience with anything to recall that all of this is pretty amazing, and waiting to be breathed in and the best thing to do is B. You. and that as sure as all the things that in a state of depression may seem to be you generally stacked against yourself, and equal or surely even greater number of things could just as well be stacked and conspired and have been bending in your favor many times over as u have observed as well over the course of time. Praying that this year will be a year of overcoming fears, and sharing, and caring, and connecting, and growing for all the ones who need it, like I do. Reminder to follow the way. 


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