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"Elon's Musk" - A Sonic Odyssey by Guitari Featuring iLL Gates
by Tamara Jenna

Through the Cosmic-Infused Cultural Bliss of 'Elon's Musk' – A Masterful Fusion of Chillwave, Synthwave, and Classical Influences

"Elon's Musk'' by Ari Joshua featuring iLL Gates presents itself as a world of synthwave and bass music amongst a mix of rock and futuristic wonder. The piece, absent of vocals lacks no verbal boundaries. It explores its space with persistent drumming laced with bubbles of synth to lift listeners into sprinkles of keys and a subtle distortion of bass. It's wonderful, explorative, and different. If there was one phrase to describe it, I would say that "Elon's Musk" is a cosmic-infused cultural bliss. With classical influence as the piece goes on to the culturally rich weaving of genres and spaces, it's a must-listen for intrigue alone. The layers of ambient guitar from Ari Joshua combined with the cello of Cory Cavazos stand out throughout the piece, changing the scope of the creation.

Ari Joshua's skills are enhanced by the work of iLL Gates. Irony aside, this artist hailing from Canada offers his expertise as a producer but like Joshua he is also an educator with experience spanning over a decade thus far.  As we delve deeper into his catalogue we can find that he has collaborated with the likes of Apashe, Clozee, and Excision amongst others, crossing genre boundaries from Electro House to IDM/Glitch.

There are however more creative minds behind the scenes who have contributed to this awe-inducing production. The mixing process, perfected by Ari Joshua & iLL Gates themselves,  Atmos Mix by Alex Solano at Pro Mix, Surround Mastering by Justin Gray, Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray, Cello - Cory Cavazos, Guest Drums - iLL Gates and Art by Jay Coby Ar.

All taken into account, "Elon's Musk" is a collaborative masterpiece that is nothing short of a symphonic blessing. With over 40 layers to get your ears around, there's certainly a lot to get your ears around!  

Genre: Chillwave, Glitch, Synthwave, Ambient, Chillstep, Downtempo, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), Cinematic, Epic Electronic, Leftfield, Chillout, Soundtrack


Mood: Explorative, Intriguing, Cosmic-infused, Culturally rich, Soothing, Complex, Expansive
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