TJPL; Why Ari Joshua's 'Country Stroll' Is the Jazz Anthem You Can't Miss This Year!

Ari Joshua's "Country Stroll": A Transcendent Blend of Americana and Jazz - Writer's pictureTamara Jenna

Instrumental music - some love it. I'm one of those people. The suggestive yet creative freedom allows the mind to roam free. So, what do we have here then? Ari Joshua's "Country Stroll" -  a tribute to the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell,  honours a musical great but also showcases Joshua's exceptional skill as a composer and guitarist.

Upon first listen I found myself envisioning the stroll that's mentioned in the title. Bounce in step, maybe there's a certain swag about you or at least you're elevated enough to think so - A bit like Disney's Robin Hood opening soundtrack. Yep, that one *whistles*.

"Country Stroll" is the third single and fourth release in Joshua's collaboration with John Medeski and Billy Martin. Known for their influential work in the 90s and 2000s with MMW, Medeski and Martin bring depth and vibrancy to this composition, elevating it beyond a simple tribute. Their magic, combined with Joshua's compositional finesse, creates an auditory experience that's both nostalgic and innovative.

The production quality of "Country Stroll" deserves special mention. With Chris Bittner's engineering at Applehead Recording, Ed Brooks' mastering at Resonant Mastering, and Ari Raskin's mixing at Deepwater Studios, the track is a testament to technical excellence. These elements, coupled with Paul Delaney's narrative-rich artwork, transform "Country Stroll" from a mere song into an immersive journey through sound.

This track is a celebration of musical virtuosity. Its 'phat' guitar tones and fluffy textures sit perfectly in any season or setting, making it a versatile addition to any playlist. Whether you're a fan of jazz, Americana, or just great instrumental music, "Country Stroll" is a must-listen. It's a piece that not only pays homage to the greats but also stands as a jolly little number with lots of bounce.

In a nutshell, "Country Stroll" —a blend of homage, artistry, and technical brilliance, all wrapped up in a sound that's uniquely Ari Joshua.

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