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“Dragons Layer” by Ari Joshua is a captivating musical journey that showcases the artist’s prowess in blending various genres seamlessly. Ari Joshua takes the reins as the songwriter, arranger, and producer of this composition, and his skill shines throughout.

It was recorded in a rustic barn near Woodstock, New York, in April 2022. The song boasts an impressive lineup of musicians. Ari Joshua handles the electric guitar with finesse. John Medeski contributes his magic to the electric organ. Billy Martin keeps the rhythm alive with drums, and Jason Fraticelli adds depth with the upright bass.

From the very beginning, “Dragons Layer” immerses the listener in a classic and suspenseful cinematic score. It’s as if the music is setting the stage for an epic tale. Then, the drums kick in, creating a systematic and rhythmic foundation that builds and recedes like the waves, never breaking the flow. This structure perfectly complements the song’s title, as the music ripples like a dragon throughout the composition.

The sound effects incorporated into the music enhance the overall experience, adding layers of complexity and intrigue. The edgy and rhythmic quality of the song ensures it leaves a lasting impression, easily etching itself into your memory.

Ari Joshua makes another mark in his career with “Dragons Layer” with jazz legends Billy Martin and John Medeski of MMW. If you appreciate music that defies boundaries and takes you on an immersive sonic adventure, this song is for you.

Review By: Naomi Joan

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