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Jazz from the Ari Joshua Quartet

Posted On September 11, 2023

 Alberto Massaro

Ari Joshua is an enigmatic guitarist and composer who’s long held the admiration of fellow musicians, earning a reputation as a hidden star cherished by those ‘in the know.’ While his name might not have resonated with the general public, Ari’s journey through the world of music has been marked by personal struggles and a commitment to music education through his successful school, The Music Factory. But now, Ari Joshua is ready to unveil a treasure trove of original recordings that showcase his genius in composition and virtuosity as a musician.

His latest offering, “Nun Kommt es Werder,” is a superb demonstration of Ari’s profound talents. Leading the Ari Joshua Quartet, this mesmerising single is a slow-burning jazz odyssey that spans over seven minutes, taking the listener on a journey through the depths of musical exploration.

The track commences with a delicate piano-led intro, setting the stage for what unfolds as a sensational display of musicianship. The quartet eases into the composition, allowing space for each instrument to breathe and shine. The piano takes the lead, its notes cascading like a gentle stream, guiding the listener into the heart of the music.

As the composition unfolds, Ari Joshua’s guitar work enters, painting vivid sonic landscapes with each carefully crafted note. There’s an air of emotive contemplation in his playing, a deep resonance that goes above and beyond mere technical proficiency. Ari’s guitar becomes a vessel through which he expresses a wide range of emotions, and it’s clear that he communicates from a place of profound authenticity.

The quartet maintains a gentle tapping drumbeat and soft bass plucks that provide a rhythmic underpinning to the evolving soundscape. The interplay between the instruments is precise, a showcase of the musicians’ chemistry and Ari’s compositional panache. But it’s the atmospheric guitar leads towards the latter part of the track that truly captivates. Ari Joshua’s fingers dance across the fretboard, conjuring hauntingly beautiful melodies that seem to hang in the air, suspended in time. Each note is deliberate and meaningful, carrying a sense of deep reflection.

“Nun Kommt es Werder” is a superb jazz ballad that exemplifies Ari Joshua’s command of the guitar. His musical contributions span various genres, but it’s in the sphere of jazz that his intimate style truly shines. With this new single, the Ari Joshua Quartet crafts a musical journey that offers not only Ari Joshua’s remarkable talents but also the enduring beauty of the genre itself.

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