Iggy's Magazine Review of "Nun Kommt es Werder"

Original French Version: https://www.iggymagazine.com/de-quoi-vous-sentir-convie-au-banquet-de-la-musique-en-ecoutant-the-ari-joshua-quartet-qui-offre-une-ballade-intitulee-nun-kommt-es-werder/

Feel invited to the banquet of music by listening to The Ari Joshua Quartet 

It's been a little over a week since The Ari Joshua Quartet knew how to sophisticate its music and offer it to the general public. Anyway, only quality listeners know how to appreciate its beautiful musical notes. We've no doubt you'll feel lifted, and our hearts jump when we imagine you flinching during your listening sessions.

"Nun Kommt es Werder" is a sublime piece that comes from the dexterity and virtuosity of the artist Ari Joshua in the exercise of the guitar on the one hand. On the other hand, the piece translates the mastery and excellence of the orchestra The Quartet which accompanies it in this exercise. The piece transcribes the delicacy and the distinction so much it wants to be sophisticated and subtle.

The few musical notes that flow from this production did not need to mingle with any vocal performance to be sublimated. The title is generally excellent and knows how to immerse you in an era worthy of a concert at the opera. So find no harm in wandering into this work.

Without further ado and with a big smile on your face, we are going to recommend that you dive into this beautiful surprise below and do not hesitate to come back to discover the rest of the adventures.

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