Launda Myers of Musicforall's Review of "Num Kommt Es Werder"

Original Portugese Version :


enjoy the sensational journey of the single “and now it comes…”

The simple pianos exasperating poignant intimacy in the introduction, delimit a growing and gradual sensory journey, where elements in intimate prognoses are entered, sentencing the level of excellence of this experience! The exasperating feeling guitar assumes its prominence, determining a melodic prism that is absolutely masterful in its intent.

The dialogues in front of the other instruments are subtly being expanded, bringing that impeccable jazz instrumental magnitude in its conduction! The ethereal atmosphere gives rise to improvisations with that delicious jam-session status, where everything connects before the chemistry that transcends the musicians in question, all of whom are “assuming” in relation to the emanated musical spectrum. We're talking about the most recent single release from the New York group, THE ARI JOSHUA QUARTET, and their brilliant bang “and now it comes…”!

It is worth mentioning the emotional eagerness emitted by each detached note, corroborating for an exquisite show of great sensitivity. This extremely solid foundation will certainly bring a new sigh to the genre, and will inevitably raise the bard's name to stratospheric dimensions, reaching even the most inhospitable corners of the planet, because it is truly SENSATIONAL in its final result! Available below: / @ari. joshua

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