Never one to keep still, Ari Joshua took us for a Country Stroll, and now he invites us on an Elephant Walk. And it isn’t just a random choice of title for this instrumental piece; there is undoubtedly something in the stomping bass sounds in the back of the song, not to mention a sort of sassy sway that seems to fit with the idea of a line of the titular beasts slowly meandering towards some unknown destination just over the horizon.

As always, Joshua’s sonic medium is jazz, but the sort of jazz that itself is happy to sway and meander along interesting paths, taking a wonderfully circuitous route through New Orleans funk grooves, seductive soul vibes, tinkering and tasteful percussion in place of a more expected full kit sound, mellifluous piano lines and, of course, Joshua’s guitar ebbing and flowing, incorporating the primal sounds of those magnificent beasts.

On the one hand, it is the sound of nature going through its motions, carefree and aimless and on a more spiritual level, in Ari Joshua’s mind, it also echoes the idea of someone breaking away from the pack to search for deeper meanings, perhaps the various musical changes and ever emerging tones and textures describing the events and encounters along the way. Man, there is a whole film to be found in this four-minute sonic salvo.

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