Artist Online Review of Kambo Wambo


Music possesses in itself characteristics similar to those of magic. An ancient and arcane magic that transcends the terms of reason and creates secret alchemies between the various elements of nature. The sensations and impressions that music gives us are a universal language that makes us all the same. We are all sensitive to those emotional appeals that music manages to ignite in us. In this way we are shaken from head to toe by the powerful waves of energy emanating from those vibrations.

The opening words of this article were inspired by listening to the latest song by Ari Joshua and his RAAR trio. The piece is called Kambo Wanbo (Jam Version) , about twenty minutes of improvisation in which we can once again savor the talent of this ensemble of musicians. The lineup features Ari Joshua on guitar, Russell Lawton on drums and Raymond Paczkowski on keyboards. The source of inspiration for this Afrobeat song is the medicine of sacred plants.


A guitar theme with a fascinating mystical taste opens the piece between delays and reverbs. We hear Ari Joshua manually increase the volume of the guitar as the elements of percussion begin to intervene to light the fuse.

Slowly the rhythm flows into a funky accompaniment with a very intense groove to which keyboard and bass are added. The sound of the piece is incredible and the strong bass gives enormous depth to the environment. There is a very strong sense of dynamics that drags the listener into the center of a psychedelic and imaginative sonic vortex.

The first solo we hear is by the guitar which is produced in phrases performed with immense transport. We love the Ari Joshua sound, its slight distortion is hypnotic and the choice of notes showcases the player's talent and taste. We often listen to the main theme that reappears with the aim of launching a new phase of the musical discourse.

There are several sections in the composition that are repeated and in which all the instruments involved are given the floor from time to time. The tribal rhythm that dominates the track is pressing and varied, if not frenetic: there is not a moment of boredom or stasis, the whole piece is in continuous movement. We have the impression of witnessing a tribal ritual of devotion designed to curry favor with the forces of nature.

On the introductory suggestions dozens of phrases are woven which are inspired by that initial melodic cell and then develop in all possible directions. About halfway through the performance it is the turn of the organ that lavishes phrasing and chords that blend perfectly with the rich texture of the piece.

Between one solo and another we listen to preparatory sections in which the organization chart of the narration is reorganized. Now it's time for the bass. All the other tools decrease in intensity to make his intervention emerge more clearly. Slowly the sound returns to full volume and the jam continues always dragged by the virtuous drums that season the lively progress of the piece with accents and pauses.

The piece ends with the conclusion of his last sound cycle leaving the listener fascinated and stunned. This song is yet another confirmation of the talent of this trio of musicians who are always able to offer us amazing performances.

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