Peter Daniel Band Friday May 7th 

Peter Daniel hosts a quartet featuring Heather Thomas, Joe Doria, & Ari Joshua this is a in home live stream event donations are encouraged. The stream will likely be available on Joe Doria's social media pages or any of the artists social media pages. Peter will draw from original music from his many years of leading his band 45th St Brass.

Ari Joshua, The Streamer Studio, December 5, 2020 

Ari Joshua, The Streamer Studio

Set 1 
Morning psalm 1:57 
Home 4:36 
Could You Be Loved Free Jam 11:49 
Delilah’s Eyes, first movement 22:55 
Life Beyond This Earth 33:23 
Happiest Hoppy 38:08 
Stash 51:03 
Yardbird Suite (Charlie Parker cover) 1:04:03 
Rainy Days 1:11:26 
Languedoc story 1:14:00 
Chalkdust Torture 1:16:56 
>My Dreams (tease) 
>Spooky I 
>Chalkdust Torture 

Set 2 2:02:00 
Cascade Pass 2:03:00 
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad 
Blue and Green 
Tree of Knowledge 2:21:57 
I Know You Rider 2:31:17 
> Runaway Jim > I Know You Rider 
Poor Heart 2:44:15 
The Milkman is Coming 2:45:06 
Freight Train 2:49:40 
Casey Jones 2:55:00 
Aloha Sayonara 2:58:30 
Old Wagon 3:05:52
Eventide 3:11:37

Ari Joshua at The Streamer Studio -Inaugural Broadcast- November 7, 2020 

Ari Joshua 
The Streamer Studio  


Set 1 
Star Spangled Banner 
Biden Blues improv 
Times They Are A’Changing 
Wind Cries Mary 
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad 
Biden jam  
Hard to Handle 
Castles Made of Sand  
Chalkdust Torture 
Let It Fall Away

Set 2 
All Along the Watchtower 
My Sisters and Brothers 
Promise Land 
Silent in the morning > Horse
Shine on you crazy Diamond  
Broke down palace  
Papa, Life beyond this Earth 
I Love You 
Divided Sky tease 
My Friend, My Friend