Ari Joshua Quartet - Hanukkah Music with 4 other bands

The Royal Room, Columbia City

December 23, 2019 @ 5:30 pm Free MAIN STAGE To guarantee a good seat, please make your dinner reservation through our reservations page on our website.

Live Music and Latkes!

–“I am What I Am” plays the music of John Zorn’s Masada, featuring: James Falzone, Wayne Horvitz, Darren Loucas, Geoff Harper, Evan Woodle –The Klein Party –Orkestyr Farfeleh —Brivele —Ari Joshua Quartet – jazz quartet holiday classics Featuring

Daniel Salka -Piano Brad Gibson - Drums Jonti Siman - Bass Ari Joshua Zucker - Guitar

The Klein Party explores Top One Million songs from all the Old Countries. This clarinet-saxophone-accordion-ukulele-bass quintet brings a jazz sensibility to klezmer freylachs and bulgars, gypsy dance music, sentimental Italian tunes, novelty Americana, country-and-western favorites, Yiddish theatre music and the occasional opera aria. Featuring: Eric Ray Anderson, ukulele & vocals; Brandon Campbell, saxophones; Joe Casalini, contrabass; Mark Lutwak accordion; Sabrina Pope, clarinet.

Orkestyr Farfeleh the winsome concoction of Harvey Niebulski and Marianne Tatom, is a portable feast for lovers of Jewish music, replete with freylakhs, Eastern European folk tunes, and Yiddishkayt. Performing on accordion, clarinet, and vocals, they present their diverse material with sharp ears, quick fingers, and irrepressible humor, in a program sure to delight young and old alike.

Brivele is a Seattle-based anti-fascist klezmer folk-punk trio who braid together oral history, Yiddish language, contemporary and old-country musical genres, American Vaudeville, and visual arts. Brivele is pronounced “BREE-veh-leh” (בריוועלע) and means “Little Letter” in Yiddish.