Relix Magazine share Elephant Walk on release day

Published: 2024/01/26
Medeski and Martin Join Joshua for “Elephant Walk” Medeski and Martin Join Joshua for “Elephant Walk”

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John Medeski and Billy Martin appear on the new recording by guitarist and composer Ari Joshua, “Elephant Walk.” The track, which was released today on Music Factory Records, was recorded at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY and mastered by Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering. Chris Bitnner engineered the session and Ari Raskin of Deepwater Studios mixeded the track.“I gifted Billy a really special African shaker I have had in my collection for years. I picked it up on a trip visiting my family there. We went to a game reserve and I saw this majestic creature in it’s natural habitat.” Joshua said in a statement. “In my mind, ’Elephant Walk’ is a carefree and whimsical melody, a musical tale of a young elephant embarking on a quest for truth and freedom, exploring the vast landscapes that surround it.”  for creating music that transcends genre boundaries. He has released nine albums to date, each showcasing his breadth of blues, jazz, and Americana influences.Medeski and Martin joined Joshua on the track “Country Stroll” which was released earlier this month. Joshua will perform next with Seattle’s Hurricane Dreams on February 14.


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