Space Owl take us on a transcendental trip with dynamic and masterful new single, Flask




We previously featured Space Owl for the inspiring and cinematic, Mountain Song, so when we heard that the talented creators were back with a Christmas Day release titled, Flask, we were curious to say the least.

Setting the tone with a dimensional and timeless energy, Space Owl open Flask with a retro-tinged, 80s vibe reminiscent of the score for a family friendly TV show.

The opus expands with tempo shifts as we are taken on a playful journey with moment of drama and meditative nuances. Naturally, the instrumental performances are simply out of this world, and we are transfixed by the intricacy demonstrated.

A reggae meets prog rock hybrid mood takes over before we return the psychedelic, art rock roots of the composition. A moment of silence before a stunning piano finale with a drum reprise entices us further.

Just before the midway point of the song, we are met with a nostalgic vocal design and situational yet metaphorical prose. The opus minimizes with electronica nuances and sirens before a spoken-word prologue invites further into the creators’ dynamic and visionary universe.

We are fully captivated by the guitar solo which feels transcendental and sublime, re-igniting the charisma of the collective and bringing us back to an anthemic yet divergent, staccato and glitched-out finale.

Space Owl cite Phish, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, String Cheese Incident, Goose, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix as sonic influences for this masterpieces, but there is no doubt that Ari Joshua and co are manifesting a sound and energy unique to their own design.

We have added Flask to our New Music Spotlight playlist, whilst we continue to stream Space Owl and Ari Joshua‘s wider bodies of compositional work!

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