TJPL News Interviews Ari Joshua


Can you describe the creative process behind the latest single "Spooky," and how
you all came together for this project?
I wrote all the music just for Skerik, Delvon, and Grant. When I have a studio date I
usually take 1-3 weeks to write the material and I think about the cats. A few songs
where written and performed by myself and Delvon. As for Spooky it was a one take
Ari, as the composer of "Spooky," what inspired the song, and how did you
approach its composition?
I listened to some Critters Buggin which is Skerik's band that I used to listen to
growing up. I sort of had some demons in my own life I was getting through and I just
channeled the feelings I was going through.
The track features an experimental psychotropic-dub-like vibe, which is a
departure from your previous releases. What prompted this shift in sound?
I am always shifting sound. I really don't fit into any boxes. I mean I fit in the the no
box type of box.... I mean I have a ton of music that I don't share or have not released
that is even more off the map, but I think people will eventually get the picture, and I
will continue to explore as I find my own voice.
With "Spooky" having such a unique and atmospheric sound, what were some
challenges or rewarding moments during the production process?
Sitting in the room with Jason Gray as he mixed the song was pretty eye opening
and exciting. He uses old analog stuff. It's not like most people where they click a few
buttons and the sound changes, he is routing the audio out of the box and into the
devices in his room, it's mad science. Everything he did was really musical and
agreeable. I love to get into it in the studio, it gets expensive, some day I hope I can
reap the rewards of the efforts but for now I am really just serving the music up
cause it feels like my duty and duty calls!


"Spooky," an all-star ensemble led
by composer Ari Joshua, brings
together internationally acclaimed
artists Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Grant
Schroff, and Tor Dietrichson.
Renowned for its distinctive blend
of retro, atmospheric and organic
sounds, the group infuses its music
with a unique dub, psychedelic
feel. Ari's guitar mastery, Lamarr's
iconic Hammond organ, Skerik's
audacious saxophone, Schroff's
dynamic drumming, and
Dietrichson's percussive brilliance
combine to create a deeply
immersive sonic experience. Their
latest release, "Spooky," is a
testament to this collective's
innovative spirit, offering listeners a
unique fusion of live performance
and studio elements, mixed
masterfully by Jason Gray. This
band's bold experimentation and
commitment to pushing musical
boundaries set them apart in the
contemporary music scene.


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