Karlismyunkle's Review of 'SoulMine'

Original Link: https://karlismyunkle.com/2023/04/03/ari-joshua-teams-up-with-delvon-lamarr-skerik-grant-schroff-and-tor-dietrichson-on-evocative-and-intricate-new-single-soulmine/

Ari Joshua teams up with Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, Grant Schroff, and Tor Dietrichson on evocative and intricate new single, SoulMine


Drawing us in with a dimensional bass line, textured drums and a hypnotic guitar riff, Ari Joshua opens SoulMine with intrigue, before a charming saxophone performance takes on the role of the protagonist.

The opus expands into a funk-groove meets retro-soul hybrid with congas and organ, creating a cohesive tapestry of sound which feels both inspiring and vibrant.

We learn that the composition is led by Ari Joshua, whilst Delvon Lamarr performs the Hammond organ, Skerik plays sax, Grant Schroff showcases his skill on the drums, and Tor Dietrichson plays congas.

We appreciate the dynamic nature of the piece, which takes us on a trip with intricacies exhibited in the masterful performances of each artist. The intention of SoulMine, according to the creators, is to “take listeners back to the golden age of classic jazz, soul, and funk music”, and needless to say, the composition does just that!

“Funky music is one of the most powerful sources on the planet”, confesses Ari Joshua. “Working with Delvon, Skerik, and Grant has been an incredible experience!” exclaims the artist with enthusiasm about his collaborators.

We have added SoulMine to our New Music Spotlight playlist, whilst we continue to stream the foursome’s first collaboration, Fresh, and anticipate the third and final releases in the trilogy of songs!



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