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Fall in love with the vibrant magic in “Soulmine” by Ari Joshua

Color Red Records houses and spreads to the world the charms that Ari Joshua presents in the single “ Soulmine ” to illuminate your environment and transmit the lightness of sound to all generations of good music lovers.

Guitar riffs, sax lines, bass contrast and other extra touches, imprint the energy of the golden age of jazz, making this an exquisite work, to be enjoyed with refinements of joy and serenity.

You will hardly be carried away by the arrangements, choosing to dress up as one of the gods of funk music and go out into the night enjoying the beauty and vibrations of good music.

Your friends are waiting for you at that local bar, where the house band tries out vibrant arrangements every day, and the party is always guaranteed, with enough relaxation and lightness to make you repeat the dose again and again.

Thank the heavens that the replay button exists, and flood the local atmosphere with this sonic pleasure, ensuring a relaxation that only good chords can provide.

Soulmine ” a fabulous sound to make your moment the best of all, in the style of jazz and in the chords of life.

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