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Ari Joshua and his All-StarQuartet, Lorenzo Piscopo,Red Telephone

10 April 2023|MUSIC, NEWS, Podcast, Review
"Ari Joshua and his All-Star Quartet deliver a groovy masterpiece with 'Soul Mine'"

Color Red Records has just announced the release of "Soul Mine", the latest single from Ari Joshua and his quartet of talented musicians. The track is a funky and soulful journey that showcases the group's impressive musical prowess, with Ari Joshua on guitar, Skerik on saxophone, Delvon Lamarr on keyboards, Grant Schroff on drums, and Tor Dietrichson on percussion.

photo_credit : Olimpia Flis

The quartet's ability to seamlessly blend classic jazz, soul, and funk sounds is evident throughout the track, with each musician bringing their unique style to the table. From the infectious bassline to the catchy guitar riffs and the saxophone's melodic lines, "Soul Mine" is a sonic masterpiece that will leave listeners wanting more.

In a statement about the single, Ari Joshua shared his excitement for working with his fellow musicians and writing for the session. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the release of the group's upcoming project. "Working with Delvon, Skerik, and Grant has been an incredible experience. We have had a lot of good response from our first release ‘Fresh’, and I am confident that fans will also love 'Soul Mine'.

All in all, "Soul Mine" is a hot banger that highlights the great musical abilities of Ari Joshua and his quintet. Any fan of traditional jazz, funk, and soul music must listen to this song. The track is currently available, and this amazing group will likely release more excellent music soon.

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