Elio Sant'Anna of Os Garotos de Liverpool's Review of "Nun Kommt es Werder/And Now It Comes"

The Ari Joshua Quartet releases magnificent piece ''Nun Kommt es Werder/And Now It Comes'

From NY, United States, Ari Joshua is a name already known among Brazilian/international readers of the site and who appears here again, now with work revealed on streaming platforms recently and we want to talk more about it below. 

Released at the beginning of August, 'Nun Kommt es Werder' is a track that runs entirely through the instrumental, with an exciting piano line throughout, very well executed drums, unique soundscapes and a wealth of elements that run through the +7min duration of this profound work that shows all the talent of its quartet.

Being complex and with an incredible dynamic composition, this is certainly a piece that gives even more value to his range of compositions, teaming up for this magnificent work with Geoff Harper (double bass), Joel Bean (piano) and Will Lone (drums). . 

Titled in English 'And Now It Comes', this track can be heard below:

https:/ /soundcloud.com/arijoshua
https://www.tiktok.com/ @ari.joshua


Original Portuguese Version: https://www.osgarotosdeliverpool.com.br/2023/09/the-ari-joshua-quartet-lanca-magnifica.html

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