KIMU review on ‘Mountain Song’ by Space Owl

KIMU review on ‘Mountain Song’ by Space Owl

Space Owl return with inspiring and cinematic new opus, Mountain Song

Having covered a few of the talented Ari Joshua‘s previous releases, when we heard that he had dropped a brand new collaborative composition, we were curious to say the least! Drawing us in with an immersive and glistening soundscape with textured percussion, Space Owl open Mountain Song with intrigue and instrumental mastery.

The opus expands into a playful and psychedelic, stoner rock energy as the band takes us on an evocative journey filled with ebbs and flows, and exceptional and memorable moments. The composition features bassist Bob Lovelace, drummer John Ewing, and keyboardist David Appelbaum along with guitarist Ari Joshua.

Mountain Song feels cinematic and would clearly work perfectly as the soundtrack to a romantic comedy blockbuster. Two thirds of the way though the track, we experience a passionate layered vocal, which taps into optimistic and expansive lyricism, further adding value to the already highly dimensional nature of the track.

Speaking on the release, the creators tell us, “This track was composed after a journey shared between friends to the pinnacle of a treacherous mountain peak, overlooking a valley adorned with glistening lakes, rocks, evergreen trees, and giant boulders.”

They continue, “The music begins as the full moon traverses the starlit sky, a psychedelic sunrise greets the new day. Enchanting sounds lead us through passages of shifting time signatures and key changes, mirroring the creation of majestic mountain ranges.”

We learn that Mountain Song is designed to “capture the essence of timeless moments and lifelong connections formed during this awe-inspiring expedition.”

We appreciate the trip, and have added Mountain Song to our New Music Spotlight playlist, whilst we continue to stream the band’s wider discography including HOME, and I Will Come To You.



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