Ari Joshua continues to showcase his endless creativity on his latest soul jazz composition and heartfelt tribute to Elvin Jones, “Let’s Do It Right Now.”

Ari Joshua personifies the essence of musical versatility, having effortlessly navigated the realms of jazz, rock, experimental and improvisational genres throughout his acclaimed career. With an unending wellspring of creativity, Joshua carries a distinct artistic vision, radiating an enlightened aura and showcasing captivating mastery over the guitar, his primary instrument of choice.

In his latest musical offering, Joshua presents a spellbinding slice of soul jazz titled “Let’s Do It Right Now.” The track, which you can hear via the player below, exemplifies a remarkable synergy with a quartet of high-octane collaborators, coming alive through the rhythmic artistry of Billy Martin, the virtuosity of John Medeski on the keyboard, and Jason Fraticelli’s profound expertise on the upright bass. Together, they craft a rich tapestry of sounds that confidently straddles the delicate balance between tradition, evoking the nostalgic aura of the 1960s, and innovation.

Interestingly, Joshua composed “Let’s Do It Right Now” as a heartfelt homage to the much-missed, legendary Elvin Jones. Reflecting on a memorable encounter, the guitarist/composer shares: “I had the privilege of meeting Elvin Jones at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest in the mid-90s. As I asked for a photograph with my disposable camera, he eagerly exclaimed, ‘Ahhhhhh… Let’s Do It Right Now!’ Elvin possessed a remarkable ability to be fully present in the moment.”

Listen to Ari Joshua’s “Let’s Do It Right Now,” our Song of the Day, via the player below.

Featured photo courtesy of the artist.