4 tracks cued up 9.17 - 10.10 2022 feat members of MMW, Trey Anastasio Band, Matisyahu, and Soule Monde!

Fall 2020 Release Schedule 

9-17 Walz of 1000 Stars 
9-19 Burlington Coat Factory 

(Members of Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde)

9-26 Into the Void 
10-10 The Garden 

(Feat Billy Martin of MMW, and Jason Fraticelli of Matiatahu! 

All platforms!  early downloads start 9-11-22 at www.arijoshua.com/music
Keep an eye on the blogs here and on social media sites for news and info 

We are asking folks to subscribe to a monthly membership for access to new releases, and 
exclusive content. I know we have have been working at this for a while but there is a real tipping point, 
each song takes about $1000 to mix and master at minimum, if I can get 200 subscribers I can release a song a month and perhaps even a song a week as there is certainly enough material in the Vaults. 

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