Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards


March 14, 2022

Earshot Jazz hosted the Golden Ear Awards at the Royal Room in Columbia City, WA.  Ari was nominated for two awards: Emerging Jazz Artist for 2021 and the Alternative Jazz Band for 2021.  The Ari Joshua Band won the Alternative Jazz Band award and gave a short but heartfelt acceptance speech.  

Ari is jazz trained and his style really shines through in every Ari Joshua Band performance.  Ari is paving the way for a new expression of jazz through his new music compositions.  His music can be classified as genre bridging jamband styled with heavy jazz and funk influences.  He's truly carving a new path in the artistic world, and it was wonderful to see him recognized.  

Ari's thoughts on the event: "Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards - a dream come true. I have so much respect for all artists. The amount of blood sweat and tears we give to be able to share what we love. 


It’s a an honor and a dream to be part of the Earshot legacy from the article to a first Golden Ear, I’m very grateful, and some day I’ll explain just how tough of a journey it’s all been. 

Pandemic really gave time to reflect. Among the top goals last year I wrote down; record, find a home as a jazz (& ‘cross-over’) artists, find a label, share music, & form a stronger connection to the scene. 

Big love & shout outs; my Mom (pictured here), my friend Melissa for encouraging me when down & for helping me to believe. To John Gilbreath and all the folks at Earshot for being the glue to so many cycles of artists. To the players Luca, Eric, and Willow for learning all my tunes and accepting me for all the far out ideas I have. To Ray and Russ and Ben in Vermont, you guys helped me get a lot of this music DOWN on wax that was a beautiful thing. 

To all the support, from friends and music fans, and to all the nominees cause it makes it really hard to accept an award when it’s clear there’s so much musical dedication from all involved and so many not even nominated. 

Love and support goes to all these people: 

Royal Room Collective Ensemble, Earthtone Skyrone, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, The Tiptons, Xavier Lacourturier, Leana Keith, Dylan Hayes, Trevor Ford, John Hansen, Reggie Goings, Marc Thomas, Milo Petersen, Geoff Harper, Scenes, Marina Albero Trio, Fade Quartet, Jim Knapp Orchestra, Meridian Odyssy, Roman Delilah Ann Reynolds, Alex Dugdale, Thomas Marriot, Abbey Blackwell, D’vonne Lewis, Johnaye Kendrick, Darelle Holden, Jaqueline Tabor, Greta Matassa and if I missed anyone lmk. 

It really gives fuel to the artists to be recognized."