Charity Venture with Stone Gossard and the Rainchangers

Ari put a hope out to the Universe years ago; a hope to work with Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam guitarist, Ari has long admired as a musical genius.  The Universe delivered in the most beautiful and unexpected way.  Stone Gossard, guitarist for Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog stopped by the The Music Factory mid-April to record some voice for a great cause - the environment!  This was both fun and meaningful.  Stone and several other voice actors spent a couple of days on this campaign to protect water quality. The ads will be coming soon to all local radio stations!  The charity/cause has asked not to be tagged just yet, but stay tuned.  We love our wildlife, our Salmon, Orca, and Octopus neighbors. Keep your ears and hearts open. There is funding available for Raingardens which improve water quality.  We will post more in support of this cause as this comes together.  Thanks to Aaron Harmonson, sound engineer, and the whole crew for making this go! Community in motion, great to be involved!