February 15th Update from Burlington, VT

It’s been a wonderful trip, over 2 weeks in Vermont, lots of rest, lots of prep time, and solid work in the studio. Thanks to Ben Collette and Rob O’dea for the hospitable and safe studio experience, and to 

Soule Monde (Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton) 

as well, the results will speek for themselves, but I’ll share that it was great chemistry from the first note to the last overdub. The fact that it felt so good the whole time, that is something. We managed to track forms for an astounding 27 songs. I prepared some 35-40 song ideas before traveling, mostly by sharing ideas over the few weeks leading up, and during the quarantine period. Most started simple loop ideas recorded on a loop device at in my office at The Music Factory, I recorded videos of on the phone of the loops and shared them. The folks at the Residence in made quarantine very easy by organizing meals, and letting me into the gym which was initially closed late at night. I’m actually not sure this would have happened at all or been the same if not for the state of things w Covid, down time is the norm, and with the ability to leave everything set up and add days, and the ability travel affordable without a guaranteed return date helped so much. I am looking forward to more collaborations on this level. 

I spent some time on days off walking around outside, and getting to know the town. I spent a few days in Burlington after graduating college during some music travels, but that was along ways ago. It’s a small town, no skyscrapers, or big office buildings, its sprawling, so it does have the feel of neighborhoods and areas of other towns. 

One of my favorite things was going to rehearse in the woods, and to do a day drive off the grid in east coast snow. I remember this cold and snow, it’s for real, but they take care of the roads very well, and it just works. 

Spending so many years in the NW, of all the places on the east, this feels most like home. After leaving my stuff set up at the studio for 10 days and creating w some folks that are on the same page, it was bittersweet to leave, I’d be happy if it just kept going! Still some work to do before this stuff is ready to share, but there are a few more items on the stove, some even in the fridge so to speak, so I’ll be announcing and releasing some other exciting music before this is ready. Meanwhile, ready to take some time to rest up, and get back to it. 

Here’s a snap of Ben & Ray two days ago. Cheers!


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