1. Skidoo

From the recording Skidoo

Ari Joshua - Guitar, Vocals
John Ewing - Drums, Vocals
Bob Lovelace - Bass, Vocals
David Appelbaum - Keys

Engineered by Johnathan Plum, London Bridge Studios
Mixed by Mel Detmer, Studio Soli
Mastered by Ed Brooks, RFI Mastering
Layout by Ari Joshua


Intro 4x
Soul Shakedown
Tonight That’s Right. -> Ab min

Its a time Dance in stead of Fight
Fix whats wrong to Make it right
Tootie Frootie gone Rudy
Twist and Shout with out a doubt

I’m Tired of the Day to Day
( 2extra times walk up)
Life’s so Short
Catch a Fire Perspire -> ab min

When the Moon is up and te Sun is down
I dont wanna see nobody frown
put on your clothes and your favorite shoes
Let love take flight as we light this fuse
You can feel any way you choose

Soul Tonight (4 extra times walk up)
Ab min Jam
Bb Min Jam

Solo on C7

Mod :: 2C, Ab, E, C, Ab

4C to end

Mod :: whole steps
2C 2D E F F# G in to C

End 3times tease last time ou