From the recording Star Light Mountain

WeCredits, Artists, & Contributors:
Ari Joshua - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Russ Lawton - Drums
Ray Paczkowski - Keys
Josephine Howell - Background Vocals
Ben Collette - Tracking Engineer, at Mixing Tank Recording
Aaron Harmonson - Mixing Engineer at Music Factory Studios
Jonathan Plum - Mixing Engineer, Mastering at London Bridge Studios
Katarina Lajcakova - Illustration
Wild Media Designs - Art Layout

"Star Light Mountain" featuring Ari Joshua on guitar, Russ Lawton on drums, and Ray Paczkowski on organ, drops this Friday along with East Coast tour dates and new recording dates. With Ari Joshua's down to earth vocals and emotionally delivered guitar solos, Josephine Howell’s soulful backing vocals, Russ Lawton's dynamic drumming, and Ray Paczkowski's masterful organ work, the trio, filled out with electric bass, and layers of sound creates an modern take on a classic rock groove that captivates listeners from start to finish. This release showcases the trio's chemistry, synergy and virtuosity in a way that compliments their previous 12 releases.


Star Light Mountain Lyrics

If your spirits down and lonely
& your hearts aching for a cure
When vision blurs just listen softly, she says
There’s a road to heaven, this angel,
can-take you there for sure

When the telephone stops ringing
The last knock sounds upon your door
The darkness from the light descends and
the visions that where blinding, come uninvited, nevermore

If your howling at the full moon
may wolves surround the tainted runes
may winds begin to change directions (whisper-in)
Go on howl-in through the night, just don't howl when daylight breaks