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Music Factory Records Announces New Single "Rare Groove" March 15th featuring Ari Joshua, Skerik, Delvon Lamarr, & Grant Schroff
Music Factory Records is excited to announce the release of "Rare Groove," the newest single from an all-star cast of musicians. The single features composer Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ, Skerik on sax, and Grant Schroff on drums.
The timeless quartet form a tight-knit ensemble with the ease and comfort of a familiar local crew. As with the previous batch of releases, the whole band plays as one unit. Lamarr’s warm organ sound and the light crunch of Joshua’s guitar sit above the rhythm section locked in the pocket. Skerik’s stellar saxophone phrasing paints vivid pictures all around the groove.
For this recording, the sources of the fat tone are at once in the instruments, the hands of the players, and a rare form of recording process. Only high-quality ‘vintage only’ audio equipment was used both by Studio Soli for tracking & by Blue Mallard Studios for all the mixing. Mastering was done by Doug Kreb’s Mastering Company and the artwork created by Deep Groove Designs. The bass line, guitar riffs, and sax lines come together to create a sonic masterpiece that moves listeners to the groove — from start to finish.
With over a quarter of a million spins thanks to editorial recommendations from Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming sites, the first tracks from this album have been well-received. ‘Soulmine’, ‘Fresh’, ‘Spooky’, & ‘Say Whatcha Wanna Say’ from the last batch of releases were featured on a handful of radio stations, magazines, & podcasts.
Ari Joshua is on a mission to release 24 songs in 2024. Building on the success of last month's releases “Country Stroll”, and “Elephant Walk” featuring the iconic John Medeski and Billy Martin, “Rare Groove” continues the organ funk and groove theme in Joshua’s recent releases.

released March 15, 2024
Ari Joshua - Guitar
Skerik - Saxophone
Delvon Lamarr - Keyboards
Grant Schroff - Drums
Tracking Engineer - Mell Dettmer, Studio Soli
Overdub Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording
Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording
Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs, Doug Krebs Mastering