1. Flask

From the recording Flask

Ari Joshua - Guitar, Vocals
John Ewing - Drums, Vocals
Bob Lovelace - Bass, Vocals
David Appelbaum - Keys
Produced by Music Factory Records & Space Owl
Composed by - Ari Joshua
Engineered by Johnathan Plum, London Bridge Studios
Mixed by Mel Detmer, Studio Soli
Mastered by Ed Brooks, RFI Mastering
Overdub Engineer - Ari Joshua & John Ewing, The Music Factory
Artwork by Rachael Holley
Layout by Rachael Holley
Space Owl - FLASK


Please don't touch
I’ve Only had 2 Beers and 3 Cigarettes
Guess I'll call it a night moonlight
Check on to see what I have Left

Whistling past the graveyard Saturday's
My Lust for Life, Dust Upon my Pride
Take another sip loosen up grip
I Drop the Flask as I Stumble