1. Mountain Song

From the recording Mountain Song

Space Owl, delights fans with their latest ultra psychedelic single, "Mountain Song." Composed by guitarist Ari Joshua, with lyrics by Bob Lovelace, this mesmerizing track was composed after a journey shared between friends to the pinnacle of a treacherous mountain peak, overlooking a valley adorned with glistening lakes, rocks, evergreen trees, and giant boulders. The music begins as the full moon traverses the starlit sky, a psychedelic sunrise greets the new day, enchanting sounds lead us through passages of shifting time signatures and key changes, mirroring the creation of majestic mountain ranges. "Mountain Song" captures the essence of timeless moments and lifelong connections formed during this awe-inspiring expedition. Bassist Bob Lovelace, Drummer John Ewing, and Keyboardist David Appelbaum all add intense layers of sonic textures throughout.

With over a decade of creating original psychedelic rock, Space Owl has garnered acclaim for their unique sound. As part of an exploration into their vault, the quartet recently unveiled 4 other tracks, the enchanting "Thunder and Lightning," a song written by Bob Lovelace during his time following The Grateful Dead in the 1990s. The lyrics, "Sit back, kick your legs up and relax, let me steer the magic carpet and enjoy your smile," embody the song's captivating essence. Prior to this release, Space Owl presented "Home," a masterful composition that flawlessly intertwines elements of rock, classical, and Irish influences. Additionally, "I Will Come To You" showcases the band's pop-rock sensibilities and dynamic key centers, while "Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart" serves as a poignant sequel to their newest single, "Mountain Song."


It starts with smashing
and bashing
Contenantal crashing
Land become massive
making volcanic reaction

Geo Ed arms on a sky stretch
That connects the multi collision birth
.. To the whole universe

I'm going to climb to the top of this mountain
I ain't gonna stop until I get to the top
And to the cozmos ill ask my question
I'm not gonna stop until I get to the top
And together we can get to the mountain top