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Color Red Records Announces New Single "Spooky" Set to Release on April 28th, 2023 featuring Ari Joshua, Skerik, Delvon Lamarr, & Grant Schroff
Denver, CO - Color Red Records is excited to announce the release of "Spooky," the newest single from this all stars cast of musicians. The single features composer Ari Joshua on guitar, Delvon Lamarr on Hammond organ, Skerik on sax, and Grant Schroff on drums, and Tor Dietrichson on percussion.
Retro, atmospheric, organic with a dub, psychedelic feel. This band is a Guitar led, Hammond Organ quartet with an all star line up of heavy hitters. The latest release "Spooky" by Ari Joshua and his all star band was mixed by the talented Jason Gray who gives it a spacious, experimental psychotropic-dub-like vibe. Spooky opens with a guitar and organ bass ostinato doubled by Delvon Lamarr and Ari Joshua setting the tone for the rest of the song. Saxophone icon Skerik follows with a cinematic melody that's both haunting and nostalgic. Grant Schroff's drumming is a major highlight of the track, as it's incredibly focused and rhythmic, adding a depth and complexity to the sound that's hard to ignore. The sub-bass on the organ is also a standout, creating a droney, spacey dub reggae vibe that sets this track apart from the band's other releases. The uncut live performance, and the studio elements used in the mix combine to create a truly unique and hauntingly atmospheric experience. This is a band of chameleons who’s latest release ‘Soulmine’ has been getting alot of attention from fans and new listeners. The song will be premiered on all platforms on April 28th, 2023. Can we expect a full release? Perhaps a vinyl print?

Musical Style: Dub, Soul, Funk, Jamband
Produced by Ari Joshua
Ari Joshua - Guitar
Skerik - Saxophone
Delvon Lamarr - Keyboards
Grant Schroff - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Mell Dettmer, Studio Soli
Overdub Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording
Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray, Blue Mallard Recording
Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs, Doug Krebs Mastering

UPC: 196429271586
ISWC: T3106291656
Genre: Dub/R&B/Soul-Jazz