1. The Clinic

From the recording The Clinic

Ari Joshua’s adventurous and recognizable guitar tone is a unique compliment to Soule Monde and Trey Anastasio Band keyboardist Ray Paczkowski and drummer Russ Lawton. In this song, Russ’s therapeutically soulful beat pulses right out of the kit and into your heart, intertwining with Ray and Ari’s salacious melodies and grooves. This trio consistently delivers the goods this being their 11th release. “The Clinic” is a reference to when the song was recorded, a few weeks after the legendary “Beacon Jams” fundraiser. Artwork by Rimbaraw.

“The pandemic provided obstacles but it also created opportunities. It was a lemons-to-lemonade moment for sure. Ray and Russ have a deep vibe. At times I thought, I never heard them play exactly like this before. It shows you how incredible they are as players. They are just all in when it comes to making art together. They could read my mind a little, they are really sweet people. I gotta thank Trey for playing a role in creating a protocol, it really saved me, I quarantined, walked into the clinic, waited for results, and then boom, straight to the studio. Ben Collette was also very helpful in making this music, his studio has that reclaimed barn thing going on, Vermont is a real hang.”