The Real Ding - Country Stroll


Ari Joshua - 'Country Stroll'

After an incredibly busy and diverse 2023 which saw him turn out a wealth of dazzling delights every few weeks, Seattle-based artist Ari Joshua is now back for the new year to deliver his breezy new outing 'Country Stroll'.

Moving further away from the psych-rock aesthetic he developed over the months in pursuit of a more rustic intention, 'Country Stroll' makes for a brilliantly bold and immersive listen. Teaming up with fellow musicians John Medeski and Bill Martin for his latest offering, the three-piece make light work of this swaggering new groove.

While this past year was certainly an inventive one to say the least, 'Country Stroll' shows that he is always ready to try and adopt something different into his sound. With such a vibrant approach to its production at every turn, we are extremely excited to see where his sound is heading for the rest of 2024.


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