Skylight Webzine's Review of "Kambo Wambo"

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Ari Joshua’s RAaR Trio (Ari Joshua, Ray Paczkowski, Russ Lawton) – Kambo Wambo (extended version)

The extended version of “Kambo Wambo” by Ari Joshua’s RAaR Trio is a journey into the realm of musical exploration. Led by the masterful guitar work of Ari Joshua, the trio, including drummer Russ Lawton and keyboardist Ray Paczkowski, delivers a melodic and polyrhythmic masterpiece that resonates with the rich traditions of Afrobeat and West African groove music. The listener is transported into a world of intricate rhythms and entrancing melodies. The chemistry between the musicians is palpable, as they weave a dreamy tapestry that’s both hypnotic and invigorating. Ari Joshua’s guitar prowess takes center stage, effortlessly blending melodic phrasings with moments of fiery improvisation. Clocking in at an ambitious 19 minutes and 18 seconds, the extended duration of the track allows the trio to fully delve into their creative flow. As the music unfolds, it’s impossible not to get lost in the myriad of textures and musical conversations that emerge. The polyrhythmic interplay between Lawton’s drums and Paczkowski’s keyboards adds layers of depth, creating a dynamic foundation that keeps the momentum alive throughout the journey. The influence of the 1970s era of Carlos Santana is unmistakable, as the track’s free jazz and psychedelic rock elements evoke memories of Santana’s groundbreaking fusion of Latin, rock, and jazz. The trio’s ability to seamlessly blend these genres while maintaining a unique identity is a testament to their musical vision and skill. Listening to the extended version of “Kambo Wambo” feels like stepping into a scene from a cinematic US film. The music carries a sense of narrative, guiding the listener through a sonic landscape that’s both evocative and transformative. Each twist and turn in the composition keeps you engaged, eagerly anticipating what comes next.

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