Ari Joshua Quintet At JAZZ ALLEY - AUGUST 2021

“Love for Sale!!”  
Ari Joshua Vintage Vibe Quintet, JAZZ ALLEY, Seattle, WA the August 10th & 11th, 2021  

The two night run headlining at Jazz Alley was a dream come true for diamond-in-the-rough guitarist Ari Joshua.  When Ari received the invitation to play from Jazz Alley, he accepted without hesitation.  

Jazz Alley rarely showcases local talent, but the staff heard Ari Joshua’s recently released single ‘Say Whatcha Wanna Say,’ loved it, and asked for the same band to play a hole in their schedule.  Not everyone who had recorded the original SWWS was available; saxophonist Skerik, and drummer Grant Schroff were going to be out of town, but Ari was able to assemble an ensemble of renowned players quickly.  Immediately, Ari’s manager, Jazz Alley promotional staff and Delvon Lamarr with Novo Productions started an eleven day whirlwind promotional campaign. 


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