February 15th Update from Burlington, VT

It’s been a wonderful trip, over 2 weeks in Vermont, lots of rest, lots of prep time, and solid work in the studio. Thanks to Ben Collette and Rob O’dea for the hospitable and safe studio experience, and to 


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One Year Ago Today - Before the Plague

This is from ONE YEAR ago! Just can’t believe how this year has been. The artist almost called it w the art here. Like these two men are humanity, and the maze is Covid and just Tower of Babel human…

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The Music Factory Recital 2.12.21 Winter 2021

Always so proud of our teachers and students. 

www.musicfactorynw.com sign up for online music lessons or limited spots for in person lessons* (all ages, levels, styles, & instruments) 

Valentines Day 2.12.2021 6-8pm PST



RIP Chick Corea

Chick Corea to the highest level of Heaven A tribute in honor of the G.O.A.T. Thanks for showing us what is humanly possible in regards to all time greatness, mastery, and artistic expression. I’m so grateful to have met this…

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Burlington Vermont Recording Trip Winter 2021

Music Factory Founder Ari Joshua heads East.  
1/20/2021 — Burlington, VT.  
After quarantining, guitarist, Ari Joshua, will be collaborating with Trey Anastasio Band and Soul Monde players Russ Lawton and Ray Paczkowski next week.  While it’s tough to perform live…

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Emergency Exit - New Single Released October 30, 2020

Single 'Emergency Exit' released at arijoshua.com and available in stores October 30, 2020!
The track was recorded along with 10 other tracks in October of 2019 at Studio Litho. 

Ari Joshua - Guitar 
Will Lone - Drums 
Jonti Siman -…

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Pandemic News and Music Factory Goes Online

It's been a minute but here is what I am up to. 

I am working to try to create a platform based on the success of The Music Factory in Seattle. The Music Factory has been around for a long…

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