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8 Sep 
Written By Kamil Bobin

Afrobeat/Review RAAR Trio - Kambo Wambo

Ari Joshua, Russ Lawton, & Ray Paczkowski first met in the snowy Vermont winter at the peak of the pandemic, just after the Beacon Jam sessions. After isolating safely, they met up at a recording studio run by engineer Ben Collette called Tank Recording and produced the first batch of songs to be released to the public.

"Kambo Wambo" by RAAR Trio is a mesmerizing musical voyage that delves into the realm of psychedelic plant medicine, taking listeners on an otherworldly journey where the boundaries of perception blur and the sounds of a cosmic symphony unfold. This track is a true testament to the power of music to transcend the ordinary and transport us to a place where the ethereal meets the earthly.

At the heart of "Kambo Wambo" lies the Afrobeat style, which serves as the vessel for this extraordinary sonic expedition. The fusion of Afrobeat elements with the themes of psychedelic exploration is a masterful choice, as it infuses the track with a pulsating rhythm that feels both ancient and futuristic. The result is a musical experience that is both grounding and transcendent, much like the plant medicine journeys it seeks to reflect.

From the moment the track begins, the listener is enveloped in a rich tapestry of sound. The intricate percussion work sets the stage for what's to come, and as the layers of instruments build, a sense of anticipation and excitement grows. The melodies in "Kambo Wambo" seem to reach towards the sky, invoking a sense of cosmic connection and unity with the universe. The use of traditional instruments and rhythms adds depth and authenticity to the composition, grounding it in the essences of ancient traditions.

The musicianship displayed in "Kambo Wambo" is truly exceptional. The RAAR Trio's command over their instruments is evident, and their ability to create a sonic landscape that mirrors the transformative experiences of plant medicine journeys is nothing short of remarkable. The interplay between the various instruments is seamless, creating a sense of harmony and unity that mirrors the themes of the track itself.

Throughout its duration, "Kambo Wambo" maintains a hypnotic and trance-inducing quality. It invites the listener to close their eyes, surrender to the music, and embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and reflection. The track's ebb and flow, its moments of intensity and serenity, mimic the ebbs and flows of consciousness that one might encounter in the midst of a psychedelic experience.

In conclusion, "Kambo Wambo" by RAAR Trio is a musical masterpiece that brilliantly captures the essence of a psychedelic plant medicine journey. Its fusion of Afrobeat styles with ancient rhythms and cosmic melodies creates a sonic landscape that transcends time and space. This track is an invitation to explore the depths of consciousness and embark on a transformative musical odyssey. It is a testament to the power of music to mirror the mysteries of the mind and the cosmos, and it is a must-listen for anyone seeking a profound and transcendent musical experience.

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