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May 3, 2023

1) ARI JOSHUA – Meeting Of The Minds

The influential multi-genre guitarist and composer Ari Joshua is proud to announce the release of his latest album, “Meeting of The Minds,” which was released by Music Factory Records on February 9th, 2023.

In order to create this stellar new collection, Ari Joshua joins forces with Billy Martin on drums, John Medeski on keyboards, and Jason Fraticelli (Cyro Baptista, Matisyahu) on bass, to create a symphony of sound.

The album’s cinematic soundscape makes it an excellent soundtrack for any occasion. The album is also relaxing, upbeat, super catchy, and easy listening.

Among the many highlights of Meeting of The Minds, there are soulful sections that reflect themes of relationship, knowledge, and space. In addition to being expressive, raw, honest, and spontaneous, it is a collaborative composition.

There are 27 original tracks on the album, with music by Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, and Jason Fraticelli; all of which were recorded in Woodstock, New York. Burgundy Viscosi is the artist responsible for the album artwork.

If you’re interested in checking out more of ‘s music, visit his website, or follow him on Spotify. I’ve included links so that can get started right away! Check out our entire playlist which this artist and some other great are included!



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